Friday, October 5, 2007

The internet is a book review wonderland

Maybe you’ve noticed the news lately about how, to save money, newspapers are cutting back on book reviews and book publishing coverage generally in their pages. For example, the Atlanta Constitution just cut the position of “book editor” and the Los Angeles Times folded their prestigious book review, which had been a separate standalone section on Sunday, into the opinion pages of the Saturday paper.

While it’s probably true that these money-saving moves will reduce book coverage in a few traditional venues, and that’s too bad, at the same time the web has opened up a virtual book information bazaar to the global book loving community. First, there are the remaining traditional newspaper’s websites, which the omnipresence of the internet makes available to anyone with a computer regardless of location, rather than only to the locals lined up at the newsstand. Besides those outlets there’s the internet cornucopia of blogs, commercial sites and community sites. Then there’s the international English-language book sites from such far-flung places as Australia and the United Kingdom. Put them all together and it’s certainly a more richly varied, broader, more populist and more accessible than ever before.

From time to time we’ll post some URLs from book information and review sites that we think you might like. And send us any that you'd like to share with the Select Editions community, too. Here’s a few to start with.

* CNN collects up-to-the minute book gossip, interviews, and reviews.
* Want to read a review before you buy? Bookwire makes the world of reviews easily searchable.
* The Chicago Tribune still has a great book section mixed in with their breaking news, complete with author video interviews.


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