Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The sweet underbelly of the Internet

No, I'm not going off the deep end here. I have a good explanation for this. Sarah Addison Allen's The Sugar Queen has a whole subplot about a heroine who hides candy and other treats in a secret closet, not to mention that the chapters are all named after various sweets. So we were talking about candy in an editorial meeting, and someone challenged me to see what I could find on-line. So I took up the challenge. And, well, maybe I am going off the deep end after all, but at I found out about an All Candy Expo, discovered a truck that runs on chocolate biofuel, and read a review of a Japanese candy that's supposed to make you smarter. This is a fun blog, with links to other sites guaranteed to bring a smile to your lips (and perhaps a cavity to your teeth), including a store where you can buy quarter-pound marshmallow hamburgers.

I feel that I have met my colleagues' challenge. And I now have a ridiculous craving for a piece of chocolate.


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