Monday, June 21, 2010

Slow reading

In my previous publishing job many years ago, the corporation brought in speed reading instructors to help us do our work more quickly. It took me months to unlearn what they taught us! And now slow reading has new proponents.

"You see schools where reading is turned into a race, you see kids on the stopwatch to see how many words they can read in a minute," he said. "That tells students a story about what reading is. It tells students to be fast is to be good." Newkirk is encouraging schools from elementary through college to return to old strategies such as reading aloud and memorization as a way to help students truly "taste" the words. He uses those techniques in his own classroom, where students have told him that they've become so accustomed from flitting from page to page online that they have trouble concentrating while reading printed books. More...

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