Thursday, August 5, 2010

In defense of chick-lit

An article in the UK Guardian takes those to task who would put down an entire genre. "I take issue with those who dismiss all chick-lit as poorly-written fodder for the dim-witted reader. There are some appallingly bad books (as I discovered), but that's true of every single genre. And there are some dim-witted readers, and that's also true across the genres. But saying that chick-lit can't be well-written is a little like saying that pretty girls can't be smart. It's ludicrous. And it's wrong." More... (Via)

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Victoria West said...

Well yes, it it ludicrous. Light doesn't mean stupid. A relaxing book like a chick-lit one doesn't necessarily mean a bad-written book.

"Chick" may sound offensive, but the term "chic" from French would be more appropriate.