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Roll Call (updated 5/17/18)

Titles & Authors through the Years

Volume 1
 Spring 1950
The Show Must Go On Elmer Rice
The Cry and the Covenant Morton Thompson
Autobiography of Will Rogers Donald Day, ed.
Cry, the Beloved Country Alan Paton

Volume 2 Summer 1950
The Wooden Horse Eric Williams
Home Town Cleveland Amory
Visibility Unlimited Dick Grace
The Way West A.B. Guthrie, Jr.

Volume 3 Autumn 1950
The Cardinal Henry Morton Robinson
Long the Imperial Way Hanama Tasaki
Roosevelt in Retrospect John Gunther
Young Man with a Horn Dorothy Baker

Volume 4 Winter 1951
Anybody Can Do Anything Betty MacDonald
Elephant Bill Lt. Col. J.H. Williams
Signal Thirty-Two MacKinlay Kantor
German Faces Ann Stringer & Henry Ries
Mischief Charlotte Armstrong

Volume 5 Spring 1951
Blandings' Way Eric Hodgins
Operation Cicero L.C.Moyzisch
"Two Soldiers" William Faulkner
The Nymph and The Lamp Thomas H. Raddall

Volume 6 Summer 1951
The Caine Mutiny Herman Wouk
Neither Five Nor Three Helen MacInnes
Old Herbaceous Reginald Arkell
See How They Run Don M. Mankiewicz

Volume 7 Autumn 1951
Fallen Away Margaret Culkin Banning
Return to Paradise James A. Michener
A Roving Commission Winston S. Churchill
The Southwest Corner Mildred Walker
The Arms of Venus John Appleby

Volume 8 Winter 1952
Melville Goodwin, USA John P. Marquand
The Cruel Sea Nicholas Monsarrat
A Genius in the Family Hiram Percy Maxim
"Monarch of Goddess Island" Georges Blond
To Catch a Thief David Dodge

Volume 9 Spring 1952
Adventures in Two Worlds A.J. Cronin
The Gabriel Horn Felix Holt
Duveen S.N. Behrman
"Kamante and Lulu" Isak Dinesen
East Side General Frank G. Slaughter

Volume 10 Summer 1952
The Hidden Flower Pearl S. Buck
The Dam Busters Paul Brickhill
The City Boy Herman Wouk
My Cousin Rachel Daphne du Maurier

Volume 11 Autumn 1952
Matador Barnaby Conrad
Witness Whittaker Chambers
"The Law of the Jungle" Jim Corbett
The President's Lady Irving Stone

Volume 12 Winter 1953
Hunter J.A. Hunter
Giant Edna Ferber
Through Charley's Door Emily Kimbrough
The Best Cartoons from Punch edited by Marvin Rosenberg & Wm. Cole
Island Rescue: An Appointment with Venus
Jerrard Tickell

Volume 13 Spring 1953
Black Widow Patrick Quentin
The Silent World J.Y. Cousteau w/Frederic Dumas
East of Eden John Steinbeck
Karen Marie Killilea
The Curve and the Tusk Stuart Cloete

Volume 14 Summer 1953
Our Virgin Island Robb White
A Bargain with God Thomas Savage
Annapurna Maurice Herzog
A Good Man Jefferson Young
The Intruder Helen Fowler

Volume 15 Autumn 1953
The Bridges at Toko-Ri James A. Michener
Beyond This Place A. J. Cronin
Life Among the Savages Shirley Jackson
My Crowded Solitude Jack McLaren
Digby David Walker

Volume 16 Winter 1954
Call Me Lucky Bing Crosby w/Pete Martin
Too Late the Phalarope Alan Paton
Time and Time Again James Hilton
Heather Mary J.M. Scott

Volume 17 Spring 1954
The Night of the Hunter Davis Grubb
God and My Country MacKinlay Kantor
Not as a Stranger Morton Thompson
The Best Cartoons from France Edna Bennett
The Young Elizabeth Jennette & Francis Letton

Volume 18 Summer 1954
The Desperate Hours Joseph Hayes
General Dean's Story Wm.F. Dean w/Wm.L. Worden
Mr. Hobbs' Vacation Edward Streeter
The Power and the Prize Howard Swiggett
"The Duchess and the Smugs" Pamela Frankau
Tomorrow! Philip Wylie

Volume 19 Autumn 1954
The Dollmaker Harriette Arnow
The Anatomy of a Crime Joseph F. Dinneen
Love is Eternal Irving Stone
Around a Rusty God Augusta Walker
The High and the Mighty Ernest K. Gann

Volume 20 Winter 1955
The Reason Why Cecil Woodham-Smith
"The China I Knew" Pearl S. Buck
My Brother's Keeper Marcia Davenport
Good Morning, Miss Dove Frances Gray Patton
The Darby Trial Dick Pearce

Volume 21 Spring 1955
Good-bye, My Lady James Street
The Dowry Margaret Culkin Banning
The Day Lincoln was Shot Jim Bishop
The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant Douglass Wallop
Flamingo Feather Laurens van der Post

Volume 22 Summer 1955
"Man-Eater!" Jim Corbett
The Actor Niven Busch
Onions in the Stew Betty MacDonald
The Captive City John Appleby
The Missing Macleans Geoffrey Hoare
The Searchers Alan Le May

Volume 23 Autumn 1955
This is Goggle Bentz Plagemann
Run Silent, Run Deep Cmdr. Edward L.Beach, USN
Marjorie Morningstar Herman Wouk
Last of the Curlews Fred Bodsworth
First Train to Babylon Max Ehrlich

Volume 24 Winter 1956
"The Secret of the Swamp" MacKinlay Kantor
Island in the Sun Alec Waugh
An Episode of Sparrows Rumer Godden
Minding Our Own Business Charlotte Paul
The Long Ride Home Bonner McMillion

Volume 25 Spring 1956
Captain of the Queens Capt. Harry Grattidg w/Richard Collier
Beloved Viña Delmar
In My Father's House Grace Nies Fletcher
The Last Hurrah Edwin O'Connor
Boon Island Kenneth Roberts

Volume 26 Summer 1956
Old Yeller Fred Gipson
Harry Black David Walker
The Greer Case David W. Peck
A Thing of Beauty A. J. Cronin
A Single Pebble John Hersey

Volume 27 Autumn 1956
The Nun's Story Kathryn Hulme
Merry Christmas, Mr. Baxter Edward Streeter
The Success Helen Howe
The Diamond Hitch Frank O'Rourke
The Sleeping Partner Winston Graham

Volume 28 Winter 1957
Bon Voyage Marrijane & Joseph Hayes
The Tribe That Lost Its Head Nicholas Monsarrat
The Philadelphian Richard Powell
A Family Party John O'Hara
Stopover: Tokyo John P. Marquand

Volume 29 Spring 1957
The Scapegoat Daphne du Maurier
The Last Angry Man Gerald Green
The Muses are Heard Truman Capote
The Fruit Tramp Vinnie Williams
The Enemy Below Comdr. D.A. Rayner

Volume 30 Summer 1957
The Lady Conrad Richter
A Houseful of Love Marjorie Housepian
The Three Faces of Eve Dr. Corbett H. Thigpen and Dr. Hervey M. Cleckley
Letter from Peking Pearl S. Buck
The FBI Story Don Whitehead
"Mission to Borneo" Jan de Hartog

Volume 31 Autumn 1957
Lobo MacKinlay Kantor
The Century of the Surgeon Jürgen Thorwald
By Love Possessed James Gould Cozzens
"Duel with a Witch Doctor" Jan de Hartog
Warm Bodies Donald R. Morris

Volume 32 Winter 1958
The Green Helmet Jon Cleary
Dunbar's Cove Borden Deal
The Twentieth Maine John J. Pullen
Life at Happy Knoll John P. Marquand
The Horsecatcher Mari Sandoz
Sharks and Little Fish Wolfgang Ott

Volume 33 Spring 1958
Big Caesar Charlton Ogburn, Jr.
The Winthrop Woman Anya Seton
The Counterfeit Traitor Alexander Klein
The Man Who Broke Things John Brooks
Murder on My Street Edwin Lanham

Volume 34 Summer 1958
Seidman and Son Elick Moll
The Northern Light A.J. Cronin
Rough Road Home Melissa Mather
A Friend in Power Carlos H. Baker
Sun in the Hunter's Eyes Mark Derby

Volume 35 Autumn 1958
Preacher's Kids Grace Nies Fletcher
The Steel Cocoon Bentz Plagemann
Women and Thomas Harrow John P. Marquand
Green Mansions W.H. Hudson
Tether's End Margery Allingham

Volume 36 Winter 1959
The Admen Shepherd Mead
The Rainbow and the Rose Nevil Shute
Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris Paul Gallico
The Ugly American Wm. J. Lederer & Eugene Burdick
The White Room Elizabeth Coatsworth
Woman of Straw Catherine Arley

Volume 37 Spring 1959
The Secret Project of Sigurd O'Leary Martin Quigley
Dear and Glorious Physician Taylor Caldwell
Collision Course Alvin Moscow
Jungle Girl John Moore
Epitaph for an Enemy George Barr

Volume 38 Summer 1959
The Lion Joseph Kessel
The Light Infantry Ball Hamilton Basso
A Rockefeller Family Portrait William Manchester
"Trail to Abilene" John H.Culp
The Big X Hank Searls

Volume 39 Autumn 1959
"West Wind to Hawaii" James A. Michener
Advise and Consent Allen Drury
The Miracle of Merriford Reginald Arkell
Act One: An Autobiography Moss Hart
Flight from Ashiya Elliott Arnold

Volume 40 Winter 1960
Jeremy Todd Hamilton Maule
"From the Farm of Bitterness" James A. Michener
Pioneer, Go Home! Richard Powell
The City That Would Not Die Richard Collier
King Solomon's Ring Konrad Z. Lorenz
The Triumph of Surgery Jürgen Thorwald

Volume 41 Spring 1960
The Final Diagnosis Arthur Hailey
Mrs. 'Arris Goes to New York Paul Gallico
Strangers in the Forest Carol Brink
The Haunting of Hill House Shirley Jackson
Wolfpack William M. Hardy

Volume 42 Summer 1960
The Lovely Ambition Mary Ellen Chase
Trustee from the Toolroom Nevil Shute
The Leopard Giuseppe di Lampedusa
Village of Stars Paul Stanton
To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee

Volume 43 Autumn 1960
Surface at the Pole Cmdr. James Calvert, USN
The Devil's Advocate Morris West
Up from Slavery Booker T. Washington
"Hook" Walter Van Tilburg Clark
Mistress of Mellyn Victoria Holt
The Days Were Too Short Marcel Pagnol

Volume 44 Winter 1961
The Light in the Piazza Elizabeth Spencer
Half Angel Barbara Jefferis
A Sense of Values Sloan Wilson
"Warpath" Kenneth Roberts
Marnie Winston Graham

Volume 45 Spring 1961
Fate is the Hunter Ernest K. Gann
Peaceable Lane Keith Wheeler
Madame Curie Eve Curie
Evil Come, Evil Go Whit Masterson
The `Mozart' Leaves At Nine Harris Greene

Volume 46 Summer 1961
The Winter of Our Discontent John Steinbeck
The Agony and the Ecstasy Irving Stone
The Making of the President: 1960 Theodore H. White
"A Lodging for the Emperor" Oliver Statler
Goodbye, Mr. Chips James Hilton

Volume 47 Autumn 1961
Ring of Bright Water Gavin Maxwell
The Judas Tree A.J. Cronin
The Edge of Sadness Edwin O'Connor
A Fall of Moondust Arthur C. Clarke
A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens
Summer of Pride Elizabeth Savage

Volume 48 Winter 1962
Spencer's Mountain Earl Hamner, Jr.
A Prologue to Love Taylor Caldwell
A Time to Stand Walter Lord
Give It Back to the Lemongrowers! Willard Temple
Kirkland Revels Victoria Holt

Volume 49 Spring 1962
Captain Newman, MD Leo Rosten
Devil Water Anya Seton
The Story of San Michele Axel Munthe
Nine Hours to Rama Stanley Wolpert
Watchers at the Pond Franklin Russell

Volume 50 Summer 1962
The Tuntsa Teppo Turen w/Elizabeth Maddox McCabe
Youngblood Hawke Herman Wouk
"Carol" Peter DeVries
Since You Ask Me Ann Landers
Star-Raker Donald Gordon

Volume 51 Autumn 1962
Dearly Beloved Anne Morrow Lindbergh
"Brickie" Joseph Viertel
Seven Days in May Fletcher Knebel
& Charles W. Bailey II
"The Wonderful World of School" Wayne Miller
Microbe Hunters Paul de Kruif
The Golden Rendezvous Alistair MacLean

Volume 52 Winter 1963
Second Growth Ruth Moore
To Catch an Angel: Adventures in the World I
Cannot See
 Robert Russell
I Take This Land Richard Powell
America America Elia Kazan
"Hell Creek Crossing" William Faulkner
Two Hours to Darkness Antony Trew

Volume 53 Spring 1963
A River Ran Out of Eden James Vance Marshall
Escape from Red China Robert Loh
w/Humphrey Evans
The Surgeon W.C. Heinz
Smith and Jones Nicholas Monsarrat
To Sir, with Love E. R. Braithwaite
...and presumed dead Lucille Fletcher

Volume 54 Summer 1963
The Artist Jan de Hartog
The Shoes of the Fisherman Morris West
The Moonflower Vine Jetta Carleton
Florence Nightingale Cecil Woodham-Smith
The Wild Grapes Barbara Jefferis

Volume 55 Autumn 1963
The Tilsit Inheritance Catherine Gaskin
Stranger to the Ground Richard Bach
Of Good and Evil Ernest K. Gann
When the Legends Die Hal Borland
The Battle of the Villa Fiorita Rumer Godden

Volume 56 Winter 1964
Naked Came I: A Novel of Rodin David Weiss
Joy in the Morning Betty Smith
The Peregrine Falcon Robert Murphy
Careful, He Might Hear You Sumner Locke Elliott
The Cincinnati Kid Richard Jessup

Volume 57 Spring 1964
Too Young to be a Grandfather Willard Temple
When the Cheering Stopped Gene Smith
I was Dancing Edwin O'Connor
Alone Richard E. Byrd
The Hand of Mary Constable Paul Gallico
Nerve Dick Francis

Volume 58 Summer 1964
Father to the Man Bentz Plagemann
The Spy Who Came in From the Cold John le Carré
"Gold Fever" Wilbur A. Smith
The Vine and the Olive Margaret Culkin Banning
The Flight of the Phoenix Elleston Trevor

Volume 59 Autumn 1964
A Song of Sixpence A.J. Cronin
Strangers on a Bridge: The Case of Colonel Abel,
Soviet Master Spy
 James B. Donovan
Three Blind Mice Agatha Christie
Episode Eric Hodgins
The Island Robert Merle

Volume 60 Winter 1965
The Sea Flower Ruth Moore
The Man Irving Wallace
A Ship Called Hope Wm. B.Walsh, MD
The Third Day Joseph Hayes
The Land Breakers John Ehle

Volume 61 Spring 1965
A Journey to Boston Mary Ellen Chase
"Hotel St. Gregory" Arthur Hailey
A Pillar of Iron Taylor Caldwell
Eighth Moon Sansan
The Ashes of Loda Andrew Garve

Volume 62 Summer 1965
May You Die In Ireland Michael Kenyon
Intern Dr. X
The Source James A. Michener
Night of Camp David Fletcher Knebel
A House of Many Rooms Rodello Hunter

Volume 63 Autumn 1965
Airs Above the Ground Mary Stewart
Up the Down Staircase Bel Kaufman
Those Who Love Irving Stone
Kon-Tiki Thor Heyerdahl
How Far to Bethlehem? Norah Lofts

Volume 64 Winter 1966
Outpost of Freedom Capt. Roger H.C. Donlon
w/Warren Rogers
The Double Image Helen MacInnes
The Yearling Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
The Century of the Detective Jürgen Thorwald
The Way of the Eagle Daniel P. Mannix
So This is What Happened to Charlie Moe Douglass Wallop

Volume 65 Spring 1966
Hall of Mirrors John Rowan Wilson
Avalon Anya Seton
Children of Hope Elsie E. Vignec
Congo Kitabu Jean-Pierre Hallet w/Alex Pelle
Power Play The Gordons

Volume 66 Summer 1966
Rafe Weldon Hill
Churchill: The Struggle for Survival Lord Moran
Here Come the Brides Geraldine Napier
The Ninety and Nine Wm. Brinkley
Menfreya in the Morning Victoria Holt

Volume 67 Autumn 1966
Don Quixote, USA Richard Powell
All in the Family Edwin O'Connor
Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry Harry Kemelman
The Gift of the Deer Helen Hoover
Brothers of the Sea D.R. Sherman

Volume 68 Winter 1967
The Town and Dr. Moore Agatha Young
The Captain Jan de Hartog
Flight From a Firing Wall Baynard Kendrick
The Headmaster John McPhee
I Start Counting Audrey Erskine Lindop

Volume 69 Spring 1967
My Boy John That Went to Sea James Vance Marshall
One Summer in Between Melissa Mather
The Broken Seal Ladislas Farago
Dibs-In Search of Self Virginia M. Axline
The Road John Ehle
Sally E.V. Cunningham

Volume 70 Summer 1967
The Princess Gunnar Mattsson
At Ease: Stories I Tell to Friends
Dwight D. Eisenhower
The Least One Borden Deal
Currahee! Donald R. Burgett
The Walking Stick Winston Graham

Volume 71 Autumn 1967
Christy Catherine Marshall
Life with Father Clarence Day
The Fox and the Hound Daniel P. Mannix
Nicholas and Alexandra Robert K. Massie
The Gabriel Hounds Mary Stewart

Volume 72 Winter 1968
Edge of Glass Catherine Gaskin
Great Elephant Alan Scholefield
Color from a Light Within Donald Braider
The Kitchen Madonna Rumer Godden
Vanished Fletcher Knebel

Volume 73 Spring 1968
The New Year Pearl S. Buck
The Tower of Babel Morris West
Airport Arthur Hailey
To the Top of the World Charles Kuralt
The Bait Dorothy Uhnak

Volume 74 Summer 1968
Once Upon an Island David Conover
Bush Baby Martin Woodhouse
The Queen's Confession Victoria Holt
Leafy Rivers Jessamyn West
The Crossbreed Allan W. Eckert

Volume 75 Autumn 1968
The Johnstown Flood David G. McCullough
Once an Eagle Anton Myrer
Ammie, Come Home Barbara Michaels
Gone: A Trio of Short Stories Rumer Godden
Sarang Roger A. Caras

Volume 76 Winter 1969
Miss One Thousand Spring Blossoms John Ball
The Hurricane Years Cameron Hawley
The Wine and the Music Wm. E. Barrett
On Reflection Helen Hayes w/Sandford Dody
The Black Ship Paul & Sheila Mandel

Volume 77 Spring 1969
The Two of Us Claude Berri
Bichu the Jaguar Alan Caillou
The Minister Charles Mercer
Mayo: The Story of My Family and My Career
Dr. Charles W. Mayo
Torregreca Ann Cornelisen
April Morning Howard Fast

Volume 78 Summer 1969
A Place in the Woods Helen Hoover
The Death Committee Noah Gordon
The Man from Monticello: An Intimate Life of Thomas Jefferson Thomas Fleming
The Three Daughters of Madame Liang Pearl S. Buck
Snatch Rennie Airth

Volume 79 Autumn 1969
The King's Pleasure Norah Lofts
The Day the World Ended Gordon Thomas & Max Morgan-Witts
My Life with Martin Luther King, Jr. Coretta Scott King
In This House of Brede Rumer Godden
The Black Camels Ronald Johnston

Volume 80 Winter 1970
Waiting for Willa Dorothy Eden
A Walk to the Hills of the DreamtimeJames Vance Marshall
T.R. Noel B. Gerson
Heartsblood Paul Marttin
The Witness Dorothy Uhnak

Volume 81 Spring 1970
Kim: A Gift from Vietnam Frank W. Chinnock
Bless the Beasts and Children Glendon Swarthout
Great Lion of God Taylor Caldwell
I Chose Prison James V. Bennett
Fiona Catherine Gaskin

Volume 82 Summer 1970
Operation Sippacik Rumer Godden
The Secret Woman Victoria Holt
Christiaan Barnard: One Life Christiaan Barnard & Curtis Bill Pepper
The Song of Bernadette Franz Werfel
The Shattered Dream Gene Smith

Volume 83 Autumn 1970
Lone Woman Dorothy Clarke Wilson
The Homecoming Earl Hamner, Jr.
Papillon Henri Charrière
Whitewater Paul Horgan
The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax Dorothy Gilman

Volume 84 Winter 1971
The Crossing Howard Fast
Kinds of Love May Sarton
The Antagonists Ernest K. Gann
Love Story Erich Segal
Another Part of the House Winston M. Estes

Volume 85 Spring 1971
Halic: The Story of a Gray Seal Ewan Clarkson
Time and Again Jack Finney
Six-Horse Hitch Janice Holt Giles
Bomber Len Deighton
A Woman in the House Wm. E. Barrett

Volume 86 Summer 1971
The White Dawn James Houston
Risk Rachel MacKenzie
Lifeboat Number Two Margaret Culkin Banning
Because I Loved Him: The Life and Loves of Lillie Langtry Noel B. Gerson
The Sea of Grass Conrad Richter
The Possession of Joel Delaney Ramona Stewart

Volume 87 Autumn 1971
A Timeless Place Ellen Bromfield Geld
The San Francisco Earthquake Gordon Thomas &
Max Morgan-Witts
Wheels Arthur Hailey
People I Have Loved, Known or Admired Leo Rosten
Summer of the Red Wolf Morris West

Volume 88 Winter 1972
The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax Dorothy Gilman
The Winds of War Herman Wouk
The Runaways Victor Canning

Volume 89 Spring 1972
Wild Goose, Brother Goose Mel Ellis
Event 1000 David Lavallee
Bring Me a Unicorn Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Hearts Thomas Thompson
The Day of the Jackal Frederick Forsyth

Volume 90 Summer 1972
A Falcon for a Queen Catherine Gaskin
Meeting with a Great Beast Leonard Wibberley
Blockbuster Gerald Green
The Shape of Illusion Wm. E.Barrett
Duel in the Snow Hans Meissner

Volume 91 Autumn 1972
The Waltz Kings: Johann Strauss, Father & Son, and
Their Romantic Age
 Hans Fantel
The Terminal Man Michael Crichton
The Dwelling Place Catherine Cookson
A World to Care For Howard A. Rusk, M.D.
The Hessian Howard Fast

Volume 92 #1 1973
The Stepford Wives Ira Levin
The Odessa File Frederick Forsyth
A Day No Pigs Would Die Robert Newton Peck
Stanfield Harvest Richard Martin Stern
P.S. You're Not Listening Eleanor Craig

Volume 93 #2 1973
A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax Dorothy Gilman
The Camerons Robert Crichton
The Japanese Jack Seward
Green Darkness Anya Seton

Volume 94 #3 1973
Sadie Shapiro's Knitting Book Robert Kimmel Smith
The Years of the Forest Helen Hoover
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three John Godey
The Curse of the Kings Victoria Holt
Captain Bligh and Mr. Christian Richard Hough

Volume 95 #4 1973
La Balsa: The Longest Raft Voyage in History
Vital Alsar w/Enrique Hank Lopez
The Sunbird Wilbur Smith
State Trooper Noel B. Gerson
The Search for Anna Fisher Florence Fisher
Mrs. Starr Lives Alone Jon Godden

Volume 96 #5 1973
All Creatures Great and Small James Herriot
The Salamander Morris West
A Thousand Summers Garson Kanin
Shipwreck: The Strange Fate of the Morro Castle Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts

Volume 97 #1 1974
The Tower Richard Martin Stern
Incident at Hawk's Hill Allan W. Eckert
Stay of Execution: A Sort of Memoir Stewart Alsop
The Mountain Farm Ernest Raymond
The Thirteenth Trick Russell Braddon

Volume 98 #2 1974
A Member of the Family Mary Carter
The Kappillan of Malta Nicholas Monsarrat
In Darkness Roger Bourgeon
Jaws Peter Benchley

Volume 99 #3 1974
The Will of Magda Townsend Margaret Culkin Banning
Forever Island Patrick D. Smith
Thirty-Four East Alfred Coppel
The Diddakoi Rumer Godden
Lion in the Evening Alan Scholefield

Volume 100 #4 1974
The Boy Who Invented the Bubble Gun Paul Gallico
The Good Shepherd Thomas Fleming
The Property of a Gentleman Catherine Gaskin
His Majesty's U-Boat Douglas Reeman

Volume 101 #5 1974
The Other Room Borden Deal
The Dogs of War Frederick Forsyth
All Things Bright & Beautiful James Herriot
Malevil Robert Merle
A Daughter of Zion Rodello Hunter

Volume 102 #1 1975
Our John Willie Catherine Cookson
Centennial James A. Michener
Harlequin Morris West
Eric Doris Lund

Volume 103 #2 1975
Lost! Thomas Thompson
Baker's Hawk Jack Bickham
The Physicians Henry Denker
God and Mr. Gomez Jack Smith
Eagle in the Sky Wilbur Smith

Volume 104 #3 1975
Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Moscow Paul Gallico
The Moneychangers Arthur Hailey
The Massacre at Fall Creek Jessamyn West
Collision Spencer Dunmore

Volume 105 #4 1975
Where Are the Children? Mary Higgins Clark
Earthsound Arthur Herzog
The Eagle Has Landed Jack Higgins
Daylight Must Come Alan Burgess
The Wind at Morning James Vance Marshall

Volume 106 #5 1975
Lord of the Far Island Victoria Holt
Alexander Dolgun's Story: An American in the Gulag -
Alexander Dolgun w/Patrick Watson
Minnie Santangelo's Mortal Sin Anthony Mancini
A Sporting Proposition James Aldridge
Power Richard Martin Stern

Volume 107 #1 1976
The Great Train Robbery - Michael Crichton
I Take Thee, Serenity Daisy Newman
Bill W. Robert Thomsen
A Town Like Alice Nevil Shute

Volume 108 #2 1976
The Hostage Heart Gerald Green
They Came to Stay Marjorie Margolies & Ruth Gruber
The Tide of Life Catherine Cookson
Swan Watch Budd Schulberg
Drummer in the Dark Francis Clifford

Volume 109 #3 1976
Liberty Tavern Thomas Fleming
The Pilot Robert Davis
Touch Not the Cat Mary Stewart
The Boys from Brazil Ira Levin

Volume 110 #4 1976
The Distant Summer Sarah Patterson
The Olmec Head David Westheimer
The Matthew Tree H. T. Wright
The Splendid Torments Margaret Culkin Banning
Harry's Game Gerald Seymour

Volume 111 #5 1976
The Pride of the Peacock Victoria Holt
Bobbitt Thomas Tryon
The Experiment Henry Denker
Ordinary People Judith Guest
Storm Warning Jack Higgins

Volume 112 #1 1977
Mrs. Pollifax on Safari Dorothy Gilman
The R Document Irving Wallace
Home Before Dark Sue Ellen Bridgers
The Glory Boys Gerald Seymour
The Spuddy Lillian Beckwith

Volume 113 #2 1977
The Slow Awakening Catherine Marchant
19 Steps Up the Mountain Joseph P. Blank
Ghost Fox James Houston
In the Frame Dick Francis

Volume 114 #3 1977
Tisha Robert Specht
The Dragon Alfred Coppel
Oliver's Story Erich Segal
Majesty Robert Lacey
Overboard Hank Searls

Volume 115 #4 1977
The Stone Bull Phyllis A. Whitney
Enola Gay Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts
Sadie Shapiro in Miami Robert Kimmel Smith
The Scofield Diagnosis Henry Denker

Volume 116 #5 1977
The Melodeon Glendon Swarthout
Full Disclosure William Safire
Bel Ria Sheila Burnford
Chase the Wind E. V. Thompson
The Fan Bob Randall

Volume 117 #1 1978
Snowbound Six Richard Martin Stern
The Summer of the Spanish Woman Catherine Gaskin
Elephants in the Living Room, Bears in the Canoe Earl and Liz Hammond with Elizabeth Levy
Arrest Sitting Bull Douglas C. Jones
I Can Jump Puddles Alan Marshall

Volume 118 #2 1978
Jaws 2 Hank Searls
The Education of Little Tree Forrest Carter
The Practice Dr. Alan E. Nourse
Excellency David Beaty

Volume 119 #3 1978
A Stranger Is Watching Mary Higgins Clark
The Miracle of Dommatina Ira Avery
The Last Convertible Anton Myrer
Such a Life Edith LaZebnik

Volume 120 #4 1978
My Enemy the Queen Victoria Holt
The Good Old Boys Elmer Kelton
By the Rivers of Babylon Nelson DeMille
Breakpoint William Brinkley

Volume 121 #5 1978
Summer Lightning Judith Richards
Tara Kane George Markstein
Flight into Danger Arthur Hailey and John Castle
Raquela: A Woman Of Israel Ruth Gruber
The Snake John Godey

Volume 122 #1 1979
Eye of the Needle Ken Follett
Orphan Train James Magnuson & Dorothea Petrie
Overload Arthur Hailey
A Dangerous Magic Frances Lynch

Volume 123 #2 1979
Dinah, Blow Your Horn Jack Bickham
War and Remembrance Herman Wouk
How I Got to Be Perfect Jean Kerr

Volume 124 #3 1979
Sunflower Marilyn Sharp
Running Proud Nicholas Monsarrat
Error of Judgment Henry Denker
A Walk Across America Peter Jenkins

Volume 125 #4 1979
Sphinx Robin Cook
Cold is the Sea Captain Edward L. Beach
Words by Heart Ouida Sebestyen
The North Runner R. D. Lawrence
Intruder Louis Charbonneau

Volume 126 #5 1979
Hungry as the Sea Wilbur Smith
The Tightrope Walker Dorothy Gilman
The Passing Bells Phillip Rock
Flesh and Spirit Elizabeth Christman

Volume 127 #1 1980
Domino Phyllis A. Whitney
Passage West Dallas Miller
Horowitz and Mrs. Washington Henry Denker
To Catch a King Harry Patterson

Volume 128 #2 1980
Emma and I Sheila Hocken
The Devil's Alternative Frederick Forsyth
The Capricorn Stone Madeleine Brent
Flood Richard Martin Stern

Volume 129 –M- 1980
Amanda/Miranda Richard Peck
Ice Brothers Sloan Wilson
The Small Outsider Joan Martin Hundley
The Silver Falcon Evelyn Anthony

Volume 130 #3 1980
Thursday's Child Victoria Poole
Random Winds Belva Plain
A Very Private War Jon Cleary
Control Tower Robert P. Davis

Volume 131 #4 1980
Sadie Shapiro, Matchmaker Robert Kimmel Smith
The Cradle Will Fall Mary Higgins Clark
Man, Woman and Child Erich Segal
Bess and Harry: An American Love Story Jhan Robbins
The Wolf and the Buffalo Elmer Kelton

Volume 132 #5 1980
No Job for a Lady Phyllis Lose, V.M.D.
The Key to Rebecca Ken Follett
The Old Neighborhood Avery Corman
A Piano for Mrs. Cimino - Robert Oliphant
The Gold of Troy Robert L. Fish

Volume 133 #1 1981
The Aviator Ernest K. Gann
The Covenant James A. Michener
Hope Richard Meryman
Bullet Train Joseph Rance & Arei Kato

Volume 134 #2 1981
One Child Torey Hayden
Banners of Silk Rosalind Laker
The Gentle Jungle Toni Ringo Helfer
Reflex Dick Francis

Volume 135 –M- 1981
Lincoln's Mothers: A Story of Nancy and Sally Lincoln
Dorothy Clarke Wilson
The Last Step Rick Ridgeway
All the Days Were Summer Jack M. Bickham
Flight to Landfall G.M. Glaskin

Volume 136 #3 1981
Still Missing Beth Gutcheon
A Princess in Berlin Arthur Solmssen
The Warfield Syndrome Henry Denker
The Dam Robert Byrne

Volume 137 #4 1981
The Lord God Made Them All James Herriot
An Exceptional Marriage Jack Shepherd
Texas Dawn Phillip Finch
Crossing in Berlin Fletcher Knebel

Volume 138 #5 1981
Vermilion Phyllis Whitney
Totaled Frances Rickett & Steven McGraw
Ike and Mamie: The Story of the General and His Lady
Lester David & Irene David
The Dark Horse Rumer Godden
Fortress Gabrielle Lord

Volume 139 #1 1982
Through the Narrow Gate Karen Armstrong
Noble House James Clavell
The Judas Kiss Victoria Holt

Volume 140 #2 1982
Alone Against the Atlantic Gerry Spiess w/Marlin Bree
A Green Desire Anton Myrer
Going Wild: Adventures of a Zoo Vet David Taylor
The Man who Lived at the Ritz A.E. Hotchner

Volume 141 M 1982
Fever Robin Cook
The Walk West: A Walk Across America 2 Peter & Barbara Jenkins
Gilded Splendour Rosalind Laker
Twice Shy Dick Francis

Volume 142 #3 1982
The Man from St. Petersburg Ken Follett
Pioneer Women: Voices from the Kansas Frontier
Joanna Stratton
No Escape Joseph Hayes
The Citadel A.J. Cronin

Volume 143 #4 1982
Flanagan's Run Tom McNab
A Parting Gift Frances Sharkey, M.D.
The Big Bridge Richard Martin Stern
Last Quadrant Meira Chand

Volume 144 #5 1982
Jane's House Robert Kimmel Smith
China: Alive in The Bitter Sea Fox Butterfield
Promises Catherine Gaskin
Outrage Henry Denker

Volume 145 #1 1983
A Cry in the Night Mary Higgins Clark
Indian Summer of the Heart Daisy Newman
Touch the Devil Jack Higgins
The Winter of the White Seal Marie Herbert

Volume 146 #2 1983
Pacific Interlude Sloan Wilson
The Whip Catherine Cookson
Open Heart Mary Bringle
Banker Dick Francis

Volume 147 M 1983
The Girl of the Sea of Cortez Peter Benchley
Jedder's Land Maureen O'Donoghue
Run Before the Wind Stuart Woods
Impressionst: A Novel of Mary Cassatt Joan King

Volume 148 #3 1983
Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station Dorothy Gilman
The Brea File Louis Charbonneau
Growing Up Russell Baker
Octavia's Hill Margaret Dickson

Volume 149 #4 1983
The Secret Annie Oakley Marcy Heidish
Talk Down Brian Lecomber
Jewelled Path Rosalind Laker
A Solitary Dance Robert Lane

Volume 150 #5 1983
Godplayer Robin Cook
The Suitcases Anne Hall Whitt
The Time of the Hunter's Moon Victoria Holt
Stalking Point Duncan Kyle

Volume 151 #1 1984
The Children's Game David Wise
Beyond All Frontiers Emma Drummond
The Incredible Journey Sheila Burnford
From This Day Forward Nancy Rossi

Volume 152 #2 1984
Arnie, The Darling Starling Margarete Sigl Corbo & Diane Marie Barras
Night Sky Clare Francis
The Canyon Jack Schaefer
If We Could Hear the Grass Grow Eleanor Craig

Volume 153 M 1984
The Cop and The Kid William Fox w/Noel Hynd
Tiger, Tiger Philip Caveney
Kincaid Henry Denker
The Whale of the Victoria Cross Pierre Boulle

Volume 154 #3 1984
Skyscraper Robert Byrne
A Shine of Rainbows Lillian Beckwith
The Reckoning Phillip Finch
Lady Washington Dorothy Clarke Wilson

Volume 155 #4 1984
Nop's Trials Donald McCaig
Lee and Grant Gene Smith
Murder and the First Lady Elliott Roosevelt
Jennie About To Be Elisabeth Ogilvie

Volume 156 #5 1984
Hanna and Walter Hanna & Walter Kohner
Stormswift Madeleine Brent
The Sound of Wings Spencer Dunmore
Surprise Party William Katz

Volume 157 #1 1985
Lovestrong Dorothy Greenbaum, M.D. & Deidre Laiken
Stillwatch Mary Higgins Clark
Crescent City Belva Plain
The Wild Children Felice Holman

Volume 158 #2 1985
Julie Catherine Marshall
Strong Medicine Arthur Hailey
Polsinney Harbour Mary E. Pearce
Proof Dick Francis

Volume 159 M 1985
The State of Stony Lonesome Jessamyn West
At the Going Down of the Sun Elizabeth Darrell
Callanish William Horwood
Find a Safe Place Alexander Lazzarino & E. Kent Hayes

Volume 160 #3 1985
In Love and War Jim & Sybil Stockdale
Ringo, the Robber Raccoon Robert Franklin Leslie
This Giving Heart Hugh Miller
The Twilight Child Warren Adler

Volume 161 #4 1985
Robert, My Son Henry Denker
The Bannaman Legacy Catherine Cookson
The Cheetahs Alan Caillou
This Shining Land Rosalind Laker

Volume 162 #5 1985
Voices on the Wind Evelyn Anthony
Trauma John Fried & John G. West, MD
The Donkey's Gift Thomas M. Coffey
The Double Man William Cohen & Gary Hart

Volume 163 #1 1986
Mrs. Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha Dorothy Gilman
Wildfire Richard Martin Stern
Arnie & a House Full of Company Margarete Corbo & Diane Marie Barras
Take Away One Thomas Froncek
The Two Farms Mary Pearce

Volume 164 #2 1986
An Ark on the Flood Anne Knowles
The Seventh Secret Irving Wallace
Come Spring Charlotte Hinger
Break In Dick Francis

Volume 165 M 1986
Deep Lie Stuart Woods
Bess W. Truman: An American Courtship Margaret Truman
In A Place Dark and Secret Phillip Finch
The Summer of the Barshinskeys Diane Pearson

Volume 166 #3 1986
Lie Down with Lions Ken Follett
Tree of Gold Rosalind Laker
The Deep End Joy Fielding
Cry Wild R. D. Lawrence

Volume 167 #4 1986
Silversword Phyllis Whitney
Texas James Michener
Bracken Elizabeth Webster

Volume 168 #5 1986
The Judgment Howard Goldfluss
Kaffir Boy Mark Mathabane
Unnatural Causes Mark Olshaker
Queen Dolley Dorothy Clarke Wilson

Volume 169 #1 1987
A Matter of Honor Jeffrey Archer
The Golden Cup Belva Plain
Stepping Down from the Star Alexandra Costa
A Deadly Presence Hjalmer Thesen

Volume 170 #2 1987
A Place To Hide Evelyn Anthony
A Time For Heroes Will Bryant
East and West Gerald Green
Nightshade Gloria Murphy

Volume 171 M 1987
Carter's Castle Wilbur Wright
New Orleans Legacy Alexandra Ripley
To Kill the Potemkin Mark Joseph
Anne Frank Remembered Miep Gies &
Alison Leslie Gold

Volume 172 #3 1987
Bolt Dick Francis
The Night Lives On Walter Lord
The Choice Henry Denker
The Ladies of Missalonghi Colleen McCullough
Night of the Fox Jack Higgins

Volume 173 #4 1987
Windmills of the Gods Sidney Sheldon
Unholy Matrimony John Dillmann
The Silver Touch Rosalind Laker
Outbreak Robin Cook

Volume 174 #5 1987
Patriot Games Tom Clancy
Snow on the Wind Hugh Miller
Memoirs of an Invisible Man H. F. Saint
The Man Who Rode Midnight Elmer Kelton

Volume 175 #1 1988
Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle Dorothy Gilman
Not Without My Daughter Betty Mahmoody w/ William Hoffer
The Seizing of Yankee Green Mall Ridley Pearson
O Come Ye Back to Ireland Niall Williams & Christine Breen

Volume 176 #2 1988
Hot Money Dick Francis
Jenny's Mountain Elaine Long
Trespass Phillip Finch
Sara Dane Catherine Gaskin

Volume 177 M 1988
Wolf Winter Clare Francis
Johnnie Alone Elizabeth Webster
Man With a Gun Robert Daley
Winner Maureen O'Donoghue

Volume 178 #3 1988
Mortal Fear Robin Cook
Just Another Kid Torey L. Hayden
Rockets' Red Glare Greg Dinallo
Brownstone Facade Catherine M. Rae

Volume 179 #4 1988
Tsunami Richard Martin Stern
The Harrogate Secret Catherine Cookson
The Charm School Nelson DeMille
A Walk in the Dark Joyce Stranger

Volume 180 #5 1988
The India Fan Victoria Holt
Mannequin Robert Byrne
Lady of No Man's Land Jeanne Williams
Wildtrack Bernard Cornwell

Volume 181 #1 1989
A Gift of Life Henry Denker
Daddy Loup Durand
Norman Rockwell's Greatest Painting Hollis Hodges
Murder in the Oval Office Elliott Roosevelt

Volume 182 #2 1989
The Edge Dick Francis
Alaska James Michener
Thornyhold Mary Stewart

Volume 183 M 1989
Doctors Erich Segal
Gracie George Burns
The Giant's Shadow Thomas Bontly
The Toothache Tree Jack Galloway

Volume 184 #3 1989
Morning Glory LaVyrle Spencer
Toy Soldiers William P. Kennedy
Trail Louis Charbonneau
Prospect Bill Littlefield

Volume 185 #4 1989
While My Pretty One Sleeps Mary Higgins Clark
The Bailey Chronicles Catherine Cookson
The Negotiator Frederick Forsyth
Hallapoosa Robert Newton Peck

Volume 186 #5 1989
Killer's Wake Bernard Cornwell
Blessings Belva Plain
Grass Roots Stuart Woods
Alice and Edith Dorothy Clarke Wilson

Volume 187 #1 1990
Tiebreaker Jack Bickham
What Was Good About Today Carol Kruckeberg
California Gold John Jakes
Monkeys on the Interstate Jack Hanna w/ John Stravinsky

Volume 188 #2 1990
Straight Dick Francis
No Roof But Heaven Jeanne Williams
The Evening News Arthur Hailey
The Courtship of Peggy McCoy Ray Sipherd

Volume 189 M 1990
The Lady of the Labyrinth Caroline Llewellyn
The Himmler Equation William P. Kennedy
Flying Free Dan True
A Time to Love Beryl Kingston

Volume 190 #3 1990
Harmful Intent Robin Cook
The Flight of the Swan Elizabeth Webster
The Estuary Pilgrim Douglas Skeggs
Manifest Destiny Brian Garfield

Volume 191 #4 1990
Cold Harbour Jack Higgins
Circle of Pearls Rosalind Laker
The Bear James Oliver Curwood
Finders Keepers Barbara Nickolae

Volume 192 #5 1990
Harvest Belva Plain
Purpose of Evasion Greg Dinallo
Snare of Serpents Victoria Holt
Coyote Waits Tony Hillerman

Volume 193 #1 1991
Trial Clifford Irving
September Rosamunde Pilcher
The White Puma R.D. Lawrence
Mrs. Pollifax and the Whirling Dervish Dorothy Gilman

Volume 194 #2 1991
Longshot Dick Francis
The Women in His Life Barbara Taylor Bradford
Crackdown Bernard Cornwell
Something to Hide Patricia Robinson

Volume 195 #3 1991
The Firm John Grisham
Payment in Full Henry Denker
Final Approach John J. Nance
Home Ground Hugh Miller

Volume 196 #4 1991
As the Crow Flies Jeffrey Archer
Home Mountain Jeanne Williams
MacKinnon's Machine S.K. Wolf
Seal Morning Rowena Farre

Volume 197 #5 1991
The Eagle Has Flown Jack Higgins
Aspen Gold Janet Dailey
The Ice Louis Charbonneau
Lightning in July Ann L. McLaughlin

Volume 198 #6 1991
Loves Music, Loves to Dance Mary Higgins Clark
Lost and Found Marilyn Harris
Condition Black Gerald Seymour
Escape Into Light Elizabeth Webster

Volume 199 #1 1992
Night Over Water Ken Follett
Doctor on Trial Henry Denker
Beast Peter Benchley
Dear Family Camilla Bittle

Volume 200 #2 1992
Comeback Dick Francis
Scarlett Alexandra Ripley
The Deceiver Frederick Forsyth

Volume 201 #3 1992
Acts of Faith Erich Segal
Hard Fall Ridley Pearson
Bygones LaVyrle Spencer
The Stormy Petrel Mary Stewart

Volume 202 #4 1992
Such Devoted Sisters Eileen Goudge
Rules of Encounter William P. Kennedy
The Love Child Catherine Cookson
American Gothic Gene Smith

Volume 203 #5 1992
The Pelican Brief John Grisham
Treasures Belva Plain
Eye of the Storm Jack Higgins
The Island Harp Jeanne Williams

Volume 204 #6 1992
Tangled Vines Janet Dailey
Stalk Louis Charbonneau
Anna Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
The Leading Lady Betty White & Tom Sullivan

Volume 205 #1 1993
Every Living Thing James Herriot
All Around the Town Mary Higgins Clark
Colony Anne Rivers Siddons
Death Penalty William J. Coughlin

Volume 206 #2 1993
Driving Force Dick Francis
Sotah Naomi Ragen
The Doll's House Evelyn Anthony
The Bears and I Robert Franklin Leslie

Volume 207 #3 1993
Mrs. Washington and Horowitz, Too Henry Denker
Point of Impact Stephen Hunter
November of the Heart LaVyrle Spencer
Shooting Script Gordon Cotler

Volume 208 #4 1993
The Client John Grisham
Sweet Water Christina Baker Kline
Slow Through Eden Gordon Glasco
The Longest Road Jeanne Williams

Volume 209 #5 1993
Thunder Point Jack Higgins
The Venetian Mask Rosalind Laker
Final Argument Clifford Irving
Whispers Belva Plain

Volume 210 #6 1993
The Cat Who Went Into the Closet
Lilian Jackson Braun
Homeland John Jakes
Tell Me No Secrets Joy Fielding

Volume 211 #1 1994
I'll Be Seeing You Mary Higgins Clark
Honor Among Thieves Jeffrey Archer
Alex Haley's Queen Alex Haley w/David Stevens
Mrs. Pollifax and the Second Thief
Dorothy Gilman

Volume 212 #2 1994
Without Remorse Tom Clancy
The Old House at Railes Mary Pearce
Decider Dick Francis
King of the Hill A. E. Hotchner

Volume 213 #3 1994
A Dangerous Fortune Ken Follett
The Select F. Paul Wilson
Rivers of Gold Janet Edmonds
Hardscape Justin Scott

Volume 214 #4 1994
Fatal Cure Robin Cook
The Wrong House Carol McD. Wallace
Red Ink Greg Dinallo
Having Our Say Sarah & A. Elizabeth Delany

Volume 215 #5 1994
Daybreak Belva Plain
Disclosure Michael Crichton
St. Agnes' Stand Tom Eidson
The Fist of God Frederick Forsyth

Volume 216 #6 1994
Hidden Riches Nora Roberts
Phoenix Rising John Nance
Roommates Max Apple
White Harvest Louis Charbonneau

Volume 217 #1 1995
The Chamber John Grisham
Remember Me Mary Higgins Clark
The Intruders Stephen Coonts
The Acorn Winter Elizabeth Webster

Volume 218 #2 1995
Tiger's Child Torey Hayden
Heat Stuart Woods
This Child Is Mine Henry Denker
Wall of Brass Robert Daley

Volume 219 #3 1995
Prizes Erich Segal
Secret Missions Michael Gannon
Eyes of a Child Richard North Patterson
More Than Meets the Eye Joan Brock
& Derek Gill

Volume 220 #4 1995
Acceptable Risk Robin Cook
Local Rules Jay Brandon
Salem Street Anna Jacobs
Fast Forward Judy Mercer

Volume 221 #5 1995
The Rainmaker John Grisham
The Carousel Belva Plain
Wedding Night Gary Devon
Cloud Shadows Elizabeth Webster

Volume 222 #6 1995
Let Me Call You Sweetheart Mary Higgins Clark
Children of the Dust Clancy Carlile
Mrs. Pollifax and the Lion-Killer Dorothy Gilman
The Magic Bullet Harry Stein

Volume 223 #1 1996
A Place Called Freedom Ken Follett
The Horse Whisperer Nicholas Evans
The Apocalypse Watch Robert Ludlum

Volume 224 #2 1996
Come To Grief Dick Francis
Coming Home Rosamunde Pilcher
Blaze Robert Somerlott
That Camden Summer LaVyrle Spencer

Volume 225 #3 1996
The Final Judgment Richard North Patterson
Nathan's Run John Gilstrap
Dance of the Scarecrows Ray Sipherd
Implant F. Paul Wilson

Volume 226 #4 1996
Notorious Janet Dailey
Snow Wolf Glenn Meade
The Cat Who Said Cheese Lilian J. Braun
Mirage Soheir Khashoggi

Volume 227 #5 1996
The Zero Hour Joseph Finder
Rose Martin Cruz Smith
A Place For Kathy Henry Denker
The Judge Steve Martini

Volume 228 #6 1996
Moonlight Becomes You Mary Higgins Clark
The Outsider Penelope Williamson
Harvest Tess Gerritsen
The Falconer Elaine Clark McCarthy

Volume 229 #1 1997
The Runaway Jury John Grisham
Critical Judgment Michael Palmer
Icon Frederick Forsyth
Capitol Offense Senator Barbara Mikulski
& Mary Louise Oates

Volume 230 #2 1997
The Third Twin Ken Follett
Small Town Girl LaVyrle Spencer
To the Hilt Dick Francis
The Burning Man Phillip Margolin

Volume 231 #3 1997
A Woman’s Place Barbara Delinsky
The Unlikely Spy Daniel Silva
The Cat Who Tailed a Thief Lilian Jackson Braun
Beyond Recognition Ridley Pearson

Volume 232 #4 1997
The Escape Artist Diane Chamberlain
Airframe Michael Crichton
Weeding Out the Tears Jeanne White with Susan Dworkin
Infinity’s Child Harry Stein

Reader’s Digest Select Editions (name change)

Volume 233 #5 1997
The Partner John Grisham
All God’s Children Thomas Eidson
Medusa’s Child John J. Nance
Only Son Kevin O’Brien

Volume 234 #6 1997
Pretend You Don’t See Her Mary Higgins Clark
The Big Picture Douglas Kennedy
A Place To Call Home Deborah Smith
Chromosome 6 Robin Cook

Volume 235 #1 1998
Guilt John Lescroart
Only Love Erich Segal
Five Past Midnight James Thayer
Three Wishes Barbara Delinsky

Volume 236 #2 1998
Plum Island Nelson DeMille
Homecoming Belva Plain
10 Lb. Penalty Dick Francis
The Starlite Drive-In Marjorie Reynolds

Volume 237 #3 1998
The Winner David Baldacci
Homeport Nora Roberts
Flight of Eagles Jack Higgins
Then Came Heaven LaVyrle Spencer

Volume 238 #4 1998
The Street Lawyer John Grisham
Message in a Bottle Nicholas Sparks
The Cobra Event Richard Preston
Sooner or Later Elizabeth Adler

Volume 239 #5 1998
You Belong to Me Mary Higgins Clark
American Dreams John Jakes
Toxin Robin Cook
Firebird Janice Graham

Volume 240 #6 1998
No Safe Place Richard North Patterson
Somebody’s Baby Elaine Kagan
Riptide Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
The Coffin Dancer Jeffery Deaver

Volume 241 #1 1999
The Loop Nicholas Evans
“N” Is For Noose Sue Grafton
Coast Road Barbara Delinsky
The Eleventh Commandment Jeffrey Archer

Volume 242 #2 1999
Rainbow Six Tom Clancy
Cloud Nine Luanne Rice
The Simple Truth David Baldacci
The Cat Who Saw Stars Lilian Jackson Braun

Volume 243 #3 1999
Hammer of Eden Ken Follett
Welcome to the World, Baby Girl! Fannie Flagg
Stonewall’s Gold Robert J. Mrazek
River’s End Nora Roberts

Volume 244 #4 1999
The Testament John Grisham
The Snow Falcon Stuart Harrison
Terminal Event James Thayer
Liberty Falling Nevada Barr

Volume 245 #5 1999
We’ll Meet Again Mary Higgins Clark
The Marching Season Daniel Silva
Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind Ann B. Ross
8.4 Peter Hernon

Volume 246 #6 1999
Lake News Barbara Delinsky
The Devil’s Teardrop Jeffery Deaver
A Walk to Remember Nicholas Sparks
Thunderhead Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child

Volume 247 #1 2000
Black Notice Patricia Cornwell
Eddie’s Bastard William Kowalski
Boundary Waters William Kent Krueger
The Innocents Within Robert Daley

Volume 248 #2 2000
Follow the Stars Home Luanne Rice
Hunting Badger Tony Hillerman
The Quiet Game Greg Iles
Second Wind Dick Francis

Volume 249 #3 2000
Blackout John J. Nance
Angel Falls Kristin Hannah
Void Moon Michael Connelly
The Kingsley House Arliss Ryan

Volume 250 #4 2000
The Lion’s Game Nelson Demille
Handyman Linda Nichols
The Patient Michael Palmer
Round Robin Jennifer Chiaverini

Volume 251 #5 2000
Ghost Moon Karen Robards
The Empty Chair Jeffery Deaver
Hawke’s Cove Susan Wilson
The Color of Hope Susan Madison

Volume 252 #6 2000
Before I Say Good-bye Mary Higgins Clark
Julie and Romeo Jeanne Ray
Demolition Angel Robert Crais
Winter Solstice Rosamunde Pilcher

Volume 253 #1 2001
The Rescue Nicholas Sparks
Code to Zero Ken Follett
My Mother’s Daughter Judith Henry Wall
Even Steven John Gilstrap

Volume 254 #2 2001
Running Blind Lee Child
Dream Country Luanne Rice
Shattered Dick Francis
A Certain Slant of Light Cynthia Thayer

Volume 255 #3 2001
The Villa Nora Roberts
24 Hours Greg Iles
Nora, Nora Anne Rivers Siddons
Force 12 James Thayer

Volume 256 #4 2001
Peace Like a River Leif Enger
P Is For Peril Sue Grafton
Summer Island Kristin Hannah
The Incumbent Brian McGrory

Volume 257 #5 2001
The Ice Child Elizabeth McGregor
The Blue Nowhere Jeffery Deaver
Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas James Patterson
Back When We Were Grownups Anne Tyler

Volume 258 #6 2000
Summer Light Luanne Rice
Echo Burning Lee Child
The Rich Part of Life Jim Kokoris
On the Street Where You Live Mary Higgins Clark

Volume 259 #1 12/27/01
Envy Sandra Brown
Secret Sanction Brian Haig
Entering Normal Anne D. LeClair
A Mulligan for Bobby Jobe Bob Cullen

Volume 260 #2 2/26/02
A Bend in the Road Nicholas Sparks
The Woman Next Door Barbara Delinsky
Jackdaws Ken Follett
Long Time No See Susan Isaacs

Volume 261 #3 4/30/02
Safe Harbor Luanne Rice
The Analyst John Katzenbach
Fallen Angel Don J. Snyder
Open Season C.J. Box

Volume 262 #4 7/2/02
The Stone Monkey Jeffery Deaver
Step-Ball-Change Jeanne Ray
The Smoke Jumper Nicholas Evans
The Wailing Wind Tony Hillerman

Volume 263 #5 8/27/02
Daddy’s Little Girl Mary Higgins Clark
Without Fail Lee Child
Flight Lessons Patricia Gaffney
Three Weeks in Paris Barbara Taylor Bradford

Volume 264 #6 10/29/02
An Accidental Woman Barbara Delinsky
2nd Chance James Patterson
Distant Shores Kristin Hannah
City of Bones Michael Connelly

Volume 265 #1 12/24/02
Chesapeake Blue Nora Roberts
No One To Trust Iris Johansen
Standing in the Rainbow Fannie Flagg
In the Bleak Midwinter Julia Spencer-Fleming

Volume 266 #2 2/25/03
Hornet Flight Ken Follett
Leaving Eden Ann LeClaire
Q is for Quarry Sue Grafton
Nights in Rodanthe Nicholas Sparks

Volume 267 #3 4/28/03
The Last Promise Richard Paul Evans
Danger Zone Shirley Palmer
Not a Sparrow Falls Linda Nichols
Street Boys Lorenzo Carcaterra

Volume 268 #4 6/30/03
The Secret Hour Luanne Rice
The Vanished Man Jeffery Deaver
Eat Cake Jeanne Ray
Proof of Intent William J. Coughlin & Walter Sorrells

Volume 269 #5 9/1/03
The Second Time Around Mary Higgins Clark
The Guardian Nicholas Sparks
Between Sisters Kristin Hannah
Final Witness Simon Tolkien

Volume 270 #6 11/3/03
The Anniversary Amy Gutman
Flirting With Pete Barbara Delinsky
The Avenger Frederick Forsyth
Waterloo Station Emily Grayson

Volume 271 #1 12/29/03
The Forever Year Ronald Anthony
Cold Pursuit T. Jefferson Parker
Lover’s Lane Jill Marie Landis
Temporary Sanity Rose Connors

Volume 272 #2 2/23/04
A Perfect Day Richard Paul Evans
Split Second David Baldacci
Drifting Stephanie Gertler
Beachcomber Karen Robards

Volume 273 #3 4/26/04
The Wedding Nicholas Sparks
The Conspiracy Club Jonathan Kellerman
Summer Harbor Susan Wilson
The Sight of the Stars Belva Plain

Volume 274 #4 6/28/04
Letter from Home Carolyn Hart
P.S. I Love you Cecelia Ahern
The Promise of a Lie Howard Roghan
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Mark Haddon

Volume 275 #5 8/30/04
Killer Smile Lisa Scottoline
Sam’s Letters to Jennifer James Patterson
The Zero Game Brad Meltzer
The Valley of Light Terry Kay

Volume 276 #6 11/01/04
Nighttime Is My Time Mary Higgins Clark
Blood Is The Sky Steve Hamilton
Maximum Security Rose Connors
Some Danger Involved Will Thomas

Volume 277 #1 12/27/04
The Things We Do For Love Kristin Hannah
Three Weeks with My Brother Nicholas Sparks
The Murder Artist John F. Case
The Night Train to Lisbon Emily Grayson

Volume 278 #2 2/28/05
The Summer I Dared Barbara Delinsky
Whiteout Ken Follett
Redbird Christmas Fannie Flagg
Skeleton Man Tony Hillerman

Volume 279 #3 5/02/05
Kill the Messenger Tami Hoag
The Queen of the Big Time Adriana Trigiani
Murder at the B School Jeffrey Cruikshank
A Northern Light Jennifer Donnelly

Volume 280 #4 6/27/05
Bait Karen Robards
Mosaic Soheir Khashoggi
One Shot Lee Child
Diving Through Clouds Nicola Lindsay

Volume 281 #5 8/29/05
Heartbreak Hotel Jill Marie Landis
The Closers Michael Connelly
The Ladies of Garrison Gardens Louise Shaffer
Julie and Romeo Get Lucky Jeanne Ray

Volume 282 #6 10/31/05
No Place Like Home Mary Higgins Clark
Twisted Johnathan Kellerman
False Testimony Rose Connors
This Dame For Hire Sandra Scoppettone

Volume 283 #1 12/26/05
True Believer Nicholas Sparks
One Soldier’s Story Bob Dole
The Undomestic Goddess Sophie Kinsella
The Double Eagle James Twining

Volume 284 #2 2/27/06
Looking for Peyton Place Barbara Delinsky
The Lifeguard James Patterson & Andrew Gross
The Blue Bistro Elin Hilderbrand
Sacred Cows Karen E. Olson

Volume 285 #3 5/1/06
Magic Hour Kristin Hannah
The Town That Came A-Courtin’ Ronda Rich
The Sunflower Richard Paul Evans
Dead Simple Peter James

Volume 286 #4 6/26/06
False Impression Jeffrey Archer
At First Sight Nicholas Sparks
Sun at Midnight Rosie Thomas
Cover Your Assets Patricia Smiley

Volume 287 #5 8/28/06
The Hard Way Lee Child
Where Mercy Flows Karen Harter
Two Little Girls In Blue Mary Higgins Clark
Rosie Alan Titchmarsh

Volume 288 #6 10/30/06
Married to A Stranger Patricia MacDonald
A Christmas Guest Anne Perry
Sailing to Capri Elizabeth Adler
The Conjurer’s Bird Martin Davies

Volume 289 # 1 12/25/06
Angels Fall Nora Roberts
The Whistling Season Ivan Doig
Consigned To Death Jane K. Cleland
Orbit John J. Nance

Volume 290 #2 2/19/07
Under Orders Dick Francis
The Saddlemaker’s Wife Earlene Fowler
The Angels of Morgan Hill Donna VanLiere
Echo Park Michael Connelly
The Glass Case Kristin Hannah (short story)

Volume 291 #3 4/23/07
Dear John Nicholas Sparks
The Two Minute Rule Robert Crais
Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven Fannie Flagg
A Whole New Life Betsy Thornton

Volume 292 #4 6/25/07
Autumn Blue Karen Harter
Bad Luck and Trouble Lee Child
Tallgrass Sandra Dallas
Winter’s Child Margaret Maron

Volume 293 #5 8/27/07
Shadow Dance Julie Garwood
Francesca’s Kitchen Peter Pezzelli
The Sleeping Doll Jeffery Deaver
Garden Spells Sarah Allen

Volume 294 #6 10/29/07
No Time for Goodbye Linwood Barclay
Daddy’s Girl Lisa Scottoline
Thunder Bay William Kent Krueger
I Heard that Song Before Mary Higgins Clark

Volume 295 #1 12/24/07
The Overlook Michael Connelly
Meet Me in Venice Elizabeth Adler
Step on a Crack James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge Jr.
An Irish Country Doctor Patrick Tayler

Volume 296 #2 2/18/08
Bad Blood Linda Fairstein
The Long Walk Home Will North
The Blue Zone Andrew Gross
Iris and Ruby Rosie Thomas
James Penney's New Identity Lee Child (short story)

Volume 297 #3 4/25/08
The Ghost Robert Harris
The Choice Nicholas Sparks
The Watchman Robert Crais
Her Royal Spyness Rhys Bowen

Volume 298 #4 6/23/08
Blue Heaven C. J. Box
The First Patient Michael Palmer
The Sugar Queen Sarah Addison Allen
Dead Heat Dick Francis and Felix Francis

Volume 299 #5 8/25/08
Sundays at Tiffanys James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet
Lady Killer Lisa Scottoline
The Christmas Promise Donna VanLiere
Final Theory Mark Alpert

Volume 300 #6 10/28/08
Where Are You Now? Mary Higgins Clark
A Single Thread Marie Bostwick
An Irish Country Village Patrick Taylor
Italian Lessons Peter Pezzelli

Volume 301 #1 12/22/08
Nothing to Lose Lee Child
Remember Me? Sophie Kinsella
Don't Tell a Soul David Rosenfelt
Leaving Jack Gareth Crocker

Volume 302 #2 2/16/09/
The Brass Verdict Michael Connelly
Crossroads Belva Plain
Guilty Karen Robards
Hannah's Dream Diane Hammond

Volume 303 #3 April 09
The Lucky One Nicholas Sparks
A Foreign Affair Caro Peacock
Envy the Night Michael Koryta
The Last Lecture Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow

Volume 304 #4 June 09
Silks Dick and Felix Francis
Very Valentine Adriana Trigiani
Chasing Darkness Robert Crais
Water, Stone, Heart Will North

Volume 305 #5 August 09
Still Life Joy Fielding
Grace Richard Paul Evans
Hell Bent William G. Tapply
Prayers for Sale Sandra Dallas

Volume 306 #6 October 09
Love in Bloomt Sheila Roberts
Pursuit Karen Robards
Serendipity Louise Shaffer
The Nine Lessons Kevin Alan Milne

Volume 307 #1 January 10
Gone Tomorrow Lee Child
Lost & Found Jacqueline Sheehan
The Murder of Tut James Patterson and Michael Dugard
La's Orchestra Saves the World Alexander McCall Smith

Volume 308 #2 February 10
The Scarecrow Michael Connelly
The French Gardener Santa Montefiore
Heaven's Keep William Kent Krueger
The Art of Racing in the Rain Garth Stein

Volume 309 #3 April 10
Winter Garden Kristin Hannah
The Poacher's Son Paul Doiron
A Thread so Thin Marie Bostwick
Half Broke Horses Jeanette Walls

Volume 310 #4 June 10
Villa Mirabella Peter Pezzelli
Rainwater Sandra Brown
The First Rule Robert Crais
The Girl who Chased the Moon Sarah Addison Allen

Volume 311 #5 August 10
The Christmas List Richard Paul Evans
From Cradle to Grave Patricia MacDonald
Spinning Forward Terri Dulong
Blood Lines Kathryn Casey

Volume 312 #6 October 10
The Mountain Between Us Charles Martin
The Nine Dragons Michael Connelly
A Dog's Purpose Bruce W. Cameron
This Time Together Carol Burnet

Volume 313 #1 January 11
61 Hours Lee Child
Small Change Sheila Roberts
Nowhere to Run C. J. Box
Leaving Unknown Kerry Reichs

Volume 314 #2 February 11
Crossfire Dick and Felix Francis
Sweet Misfortune Kevin Alan Milne
Outwitting Trolls William G. Tapply
Letters from Home Kristina McMorris

Volume 315 #3 April 11
Safe Haven Nicholas Sparks
The Sentry Robert Crais
An Irish Country Courtship Patrick Taylor
The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted Bridget Asher

Volume 316 #4 June 11
Never Look Away Linwood Barclay
Promise Me Richard Paul Evans
Lipstick in Afghanistan Roberta Gately
I Still Dream About You Fannie Flagg

Volume 317 #5 August 11
Now You See Her Joy Fielding
The Peach Keeper Sarah Addison Allen
Buried Secrets Joseph Finder
The Oracle of Stamboul Michael David Lukas

Volume 318 #6 October 11
The Orchard Jeffrey Stepakoff
Worth Dying For Lee Child
How to Bake a Perfect Life Barbara O'Neal
On Borrowed Time David Rosenfelt

Volume 319 #1 January 12
One Summer David Baldacci
Cast Into Doubt Patricia MacDonald
Casting About Terri Dulong
The Lion Nelson DeMille

Volume 320 #2 March 12
The Final Note Kevin Alan Milne
Dick Francis's Gamble Felix Francis
The Orchard Theresa Weir
Lethal Sandra Brown

Volume 321 #3 May 12
A Dublin Student Doctor Patrick Taylor
The Underside of Joy Sere Prince Halverson
Three-Day Town Margaret Maron
Emory's Gift W. Bruce Cameron

Volume 322 #4 July 12
The Bungalow Sarah Jio
The Drop Michael Connelly
The Best of Me Nicholas Sparks
Love in a Nutshell Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

Volume 323 #5 Sept 12
Home Front Kristin Hannah
I've Got Your Number Sophie Kinsella
The House of Silk Anthony Horowitz
The Christmas Note Donna VanLiere

Volume 324 #6 Nov 12
Oath of Office Michael Palmer
Thunder and Rain Charles Martin
Ice Fire David Lyons
Saving Ceecee Honeycutt Beth Hoffman

Volume 325 #1 Jan 13
Lost December Richard Paul Evans
XO Jeffery Deaver
Beach House Memories Mary Alice Monroe
Missing Child Patricia MacDonald

Volume 326 #2 Mar 13
The Innocent David Baldacci
Beach Colors Shelley Noble
The Third Gate Lincoln Child
Calling Invisible Women Jeane Ray

Volume 327#3 May 13
Dick Francis's Bloodline Felix Francis
The View from Here Cindy Myers
A Wanted Man Lee Child
Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women's Literary Society Amy Hill Hearth

Volume 328 #4 July 13
The One Good Thing Kevin Alan Milne
A Cold and Lonely Place Sara J. Henry
The Man Who Forgot His Wife John O'Farrell
Close Your Eyes Iris and Roy Johansen

Volume 329 #5 Sept 13
The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe Mary Simses
Blackberry Winter Sarah Jio
Suspect Robert Crais
There Was an Old Woman Hallie Ephron

Volume 330 #6 Nov 13
Silver Star Jeanette Walls
Political Suicide Michael Palmer
A Street Cat Named Bob James Bowen
Fly Away Kristin Hannah

Volume 331 #1 Jan 14
The Summer Girls Mary Alice Monroe
The Glassblower's Apprentice Peter Pezzelli
The Hit David Baldacci
The Good Dream Donna VanLiere

Volume 332 #2 Mar 14
Unwritten Charles Martin
The Promise Ann Weisgarber
Never Go Back Lee Child
Stargazey Point Shelley Noble

Volume 333 #3 May 14
Forever Friday Timothy Lews
The Rosie Project Graeme Simsion
Deadline Sandra Brown
Melody of Secrets Jeffrey Stepakoff

Volume 334 #4 July 14
Doing Harm Kelly Parsons
Lost Lake Sarah Addison Allen
Sisters Patricia MacDonald
The Longest Ride Nicholas Sparks

Volume 335 #5 Sep 14
Goodnight June Sarah Jio
Those Who Wish Me Dead Michael Koryta
Looking for Me Beth Hoffman
The Girl with a Clock for a Heart Peter Swanson

Volume 336 #6 Nov 14
Suspicion Joseph Finder
Dog Gone, Back Soon Ann Weisgarber
The Wishing Thread Lisa Van Allen
Without Warning David Rosenfelt

Volume 337 #1 Jan 15
Invisible James Patterson and David Ellis
The Glass Kitchen Linda Francis Lee
Invisible City Julia Dahl
Journey from Darkness Garreth Crocker

Volume 338 #2 Mar 15
Personal Lee Child
You Knew Me When Emily Liebert
The Monogram Murders Sophie Hannah
Star Gazing Linda Gillard

Volume 339 #3 May 15
Girl Underwater Claire Kells
Never Come Back David Bell
A Life Intercepted Charles Martin
Mean Streak Sandra Brown

Volume 340 #4 July 15
The Story of Us Dani Atkins
Windigo Island William Kent Krueger
The Mistletoe Promise Richard Paul Evans
Resistant Michael Palmer

Volume 341 #5 Sep 15
The Burning Room Michael Connelly
First Frost Sarah Addison Allen
The Silent Sister Diane Chamberlain
Lawyer for the Dog Lee Robinson

Volume 342 #6 Nov 15
Memory Man David Baldacci
800 Grapes Laura Dave
Moriarty Anthony Horowitz
The Christmas Light Donna VanLiere

Volume 343 #1 Jan 16
One Mile Under Andrew Gross
Miss Dreamsville and the Lost Heiress of Collier County Amy Hill Hearth
The Bullet Mary Louise Kelly
The Cherry Harvest Lucy Sanna

Volume 344 #2 Mar 16
Carrying Albert Home Homer Hickam
What Doesn't Kill Her Carla Norton
Love Gently Falling Melody Carlson
Radiant Angel Nelson DeMille

Volume 345 #3 May 16
Make Me Lee Child
Come Hell or Highball Maia Chance
Summit Lake Charlie Donlea
The Good Neighbor Amy Sue Nathan

Volume 346 #4 July 16
Front Runner Lee Child
The Charm Bracelet Viola Shipman
The Precipice Paul Doiron
Not Forgetting the Whale John Ironmonger

Volume 347 #5 Sep 16
The Crossing Michael Connelly
Piece of Mind Michelle Adelman
The Mistletoe Inn Richard Paul Evans
The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra Vaseem Khan

Volume 348 
#6 Nov 16
The City Baker's Guide to Country Living Louise Miller
The Hostage Taker Stefanie Pintoff
Billy and Me Giovanna Fletcher
Arrowood Laura McHugh

Volume 349 #1 Jan 17
The Rules of Love and Grammar Mary Simses
I Let You Go Clare Mackintosh
The Dollhouse Fiona Davis
Sit! Stay! Speak! Annie England Noble

Volume 350 #2 Mar 17
Night School Lee Child
The Bookshop on the Corner Jenny Colgan
Among the Wicked Linda Castillo
One True Loves Taylor Jenkins Reid

Volume 351 #3 May 17
Guilty Minds Joseph Finder
A Lowcountry Wedding Mary Alice Monroe
The Branson Beauty Claire Booth
The Hope Chest Viola Shipman

Volume 352 #4 July 17
Burning Bright Nicholas Petrie
The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper Phaedra Patrick
The Vanishing Year Kate Moretti
I'm Still Here Clelie Avit

Volume 353 #5 August 17
The Wrong Side of Goodbye Michael Connelly
Miramar Bay Davis Bunn
Triple Crown Felix Francis
The Misteltoe Secret Richard Paul Evans

Volume 354 #6 October 17
My Not So Perfect Life Sophie Kinsella
The Twelve Dogs of Christmas David Rosenfelt
Don't You Cry Mary Kubica
Home Sweet Home April Smith

Volume 355 January 18
A Dog's Way Home W. Bruce Cameron
Down a Dark Road Linda Castillo
Virtually Perfect Paige Roberts
Knife Creek Paul Doiron

Volume 356 March 18
The Switch Joseph Finder
Beach House for Rent Mary Alice Monroe
You'll Never Know Dear Hallie Ephron
Before You Go Clare Swatman

Volume 357 April 18
The Wanted by Robert Crais
Rise & Shine, Benedict Stone by Phaedra Patrick
The Vanishing Season by Joanna Schaffhausen
Talk to the Paw by Melinda Metz

Volume 358 Jun 18
The Midnight Line by Lee Child
The Address by Fiona Davis
Another Man's Ground by Claire Booth
And All the Phases of the Moon by Judy Reene Singer

Volume 359 July 18
Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly
The Noel Diary by Richard Paul Evans
Sulfur Springs by William Kent Krueger
Dreaming in Chocolate by Susan Bishop Crispell

Volume 360 September 18
The Bad Daughter by Joy Fielding
The Recipe Box by Viola Shipman
The First Family by Michael and Daniel Palmer
Collared by David Rosenfelt

Volume 361 October 18
The Disappeared by C. J. Box
Dear Mrs. Bird by A. J. Pearce
The Echo Killing by Christi Daugherty
Between You and Me by Susan Wiggs

Volume 362 December 18
Stay Hidden by Paul Doiron
The Late Bloomers Club by Louise Miller
The Girl in the Woods by Patricia MacDonald
The Light Over London by Julia Kelly

Volume 363 February 2019
Don't Believe It by Charlie Donlea
Rainy Day Friends by Jill Shalvis
By His Own Hand by Neal Griffin
When The Men Were Gone by Marjorie Herrera Lewis


Vivian Weseloh said...

Dear Jim,
I have to tell you that we are absolutely thrilled that you are keeping these lists up to date (and beyond today's date) for us. It has been an immense help to me when choosing "real" library books to read and also for choosing Kindle books. Please keep up the great work!
Vivian Weseloh

Richard said...

I have tried to order the select editions. There seems to be no website for this. I finally came across one and two months later I have yet to get a book. What's going on with the customer service for getting these books....can you help?

Jim Menick said...

We need your personal information. Your best bet is to email

Rochelle Habel said...

Your books have been in my life since I was young. My parents got them then. They had gold edged pages back then. They are still beautiful and very good reads. I am 66 and anxiously await both your books and magazines.

Judy Bartine said...

What a shame Select Editions are no longer available. They have been in my life for over 50 years, and just stopped coming in 2017. I have searched the internet several times for at least an announcement, but have found nothing. Your books encouraged reading and enjoyment for millions. Computer games have won--very sad.

Judy Bartine

Vivian Weseloh said...

Judy, I believe this blogger was originally created for folks like you and me who have been "friends" of R.D. Condensed Books (later renamed Select Editions) for many, many years. Primarily so that we could go back and research authors from the past that we may have enjoyed. Please go back to the top of these comments and click on "Show Original Post". There you will find all of the volumes going back to 1950, and it appears continuing well into 2018. Or maybe just send an email to and ask if they are continuing the Select Editions volumes.

Jim Menick is the fellow who originally created this blogger; you can see his comment to Richard above also.

Vivian Weseloh said...

Judy and others,
I have information for you directly from R.D. Customer Service:

Select editions can be purchased through the website below:

Jim Menick said...

We're still very much in business. You can follow us on and find out about subscribing at

Vivian Weseloh said...

Thanks, Jim, for the link to your Facebook page! I just bopped out there and had a hard time closing it and getting back to business!

And, I don't know whose idea it was to compile this blog with ALL of the books way back to 1950, but I am guessing that it was you. When I first found your blog, I just assumed you were one of the happy readers of R.D. Condensed Books who took an immense amount of time compiling the list. Now I learn that you are indeed on staff helping to choose future books, etc. Kudos to you for all that you do!

phil beattie said...

Jim, Thank you for maintaining this blog and the complete listing of the RD Select Editions..My aunt, Ruth W. Who lives in Zephyrhills, Florida is 95 years old and has subscribed since the beginning. Although cutting back on her reading lately she still enjoys receiving each new edition in the mail. A question, the $150 annual cost to her is a burden on her limited budget is there a less expensive way she can obtain the books ??,

Jim Menick said...

There is a large-type version, with two books in each volume, 5 times a year. Reasonably priced. #1-800-877-5293 for information.