Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You never know

I read Garden Spells as a manuscript, a long time ago. It had a different title then (Garden Spells and Southern Belles), and it was by an author I'd never heard of, although the publisher claimed it was a really good book. Of course, the publishers always claim that they're really good books. But this one blew me away. I fell in love with it, and recommended it for Select Editions, and to anyone I ran into for months after that, up to and including today, as we feature it in our September 2007 Select Editions. And lo and behold, when I was walking through Manhattan last weekend on a visit to the city, there was an enormous poster of the cover of the book in a store window, with a big recommendation from the bookseller. And today, I see it's hit the Publishers Weekly bestseller list.

You never know...


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