Monday, November 12, 2007

Mary Higgins Clark--more than just a mystery writer

In the current volume of Select Editions, Mary Higgins Clark's 31st(!) book I Heard That Song Before tells the bizarre tale of Kathryn "Kay" Lansing, a librarian who is deeply committed to community literacy and fundraising. Kay lives in New York and commutes to New Jersey where she grew up. Anyone who knows Mary knows that this particular character must be very near and dear to the author.

Like Kay, Mary Higgins Clark has deep roots in both New York City and New Jersey, and has been active for years in literacy education as well as a number of historical and literary associations. Mary is also very active in Catholic affairs, often lending her name and presence to various local and national fundraisers about hunger, youth education and family health. She counts the Mystery Writers of America's Grand Master award and the Gold Medal of Honor from the American-Irish Historical Society among her many awards and medals, but nearest to our hearts is the 2002 Reader's Digest Author of the Year Award.

Above is a photo of Mary accepting that RD Author of the Year award, with me to her left. Mary is super-gracious and a wonderful raconteur, and had everyone at the awards ceremony smiling over her speech about her early days as a writer. When she expressed her gratitude to Reader's Digest for our global publishing support of her books from the beginning, we told her "We thank you for all the wonderful stories you've given our readers."


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