Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fun Fearless Female Award

Lisa Scottoline has something I want. Not her legal career, not her writing career, not her millions of fans, not her paycheck. No, what I want is an award Lisa won called The Fun Fearless Female Award (from Cosmopolitan magazine). I am one of those things—female—but I truly aspire to be the other two. What could be more ... well, fun, than being recognized for being fun? I try, really I do, but life does tend to interfere in the form of bills, housecleaning, child maintenance, and other not-always-fun obligations. When you're a kid, fun is a priority. As we grow older, though, do we minimize the importance of fun? I wonder. And fearless! Who would not like to be a little more fearless. Let those bills slide! Let the house stay a mess! Play hooky from work! Let the kids fend for themselves, or watch TV all day! Live a little more fearlessly. Well, anyway, The Fun Fearless Female Award sounds a lot more impressive to me than, say, Employee of the Month. I could go google The Fun Fearless Female Award and see what it's really for, but I think that would ruin my fun fantasy. So I shall remain fearlessly in the dark.


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