Thursday, August 16, 2007

Editor's Profile: Amy Reilly

1. Who is your favorite SE author and why?
It’s a tie between Robert Crais and Lee Child. I’m a complete sucker for their very-tough-guy-with-a-battered-heart-of-gold heroes. I’d say Michael Connelly too, but two of my colleagues have already snagged him.

2. What is your favorite genre?
Mystery and suspense, because I find it the most “escapist” from my real life.

3. How long have you been working at Reader’s Digest?
Seventeen years.

4. What is the most memorable book you’ve worked on?
Back When We Were Grownups by Anne Tyler. She is a literary icon whom I have long admired. It was somewhat intimidating to edit her work.

5. What classic novel did you never finish in high school or college?
Moby-Dick . Call me bored. I just couldn’t get that excited about a whale, although I’m told the book is about much more than that.

6. What is your favorite children’s book?
The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White. I can still remember my mother reading it to me on vacation at the beach when I was very young. Many years later I read it to my own kids, who loved it as much as I did.

7. What other projects do you work on at Select Editions?
I’m also the editorial director of our fabulous classic mystery series The Best Mysteries of All Time (we’re on Book #56 of the series). What a treat it is to work on this product.