Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The mix

When you look at the September 2007 volume of Select Editions, you'll probably notice something right away. Two of the authors are among the biggest names in fiction today: Julie Garwood and Jeffery Deaver are old pros at getting themselves at the top of the bestseller lists. But we've also got two authors you probably haven't heard of. Peter Pezzelli and Sarah Allen are new to the game, writers who are just starting to get their work published.

One of the great joys of reading is discovering new works and new writers, especially those with such great promise as these two. And at SE we love to put new people into volumes alongside their more established colleagues. The tried and true on the one hand, the up-and-coming newbies on the other hand. It makes for a fun mix of titles, and that mix is important to us. Variety of styles, variety of subject, variety of authors—whatever mood you might be in, we hope we have something there in the mix.

Is there something else in the mix you'd like to see? Let us know.


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