Friday, January 11, 2008

Stranger than fiction: Marina Nemat's story

“Stranger than fiction” is a term that's often bandied about, regarding a true tale that seems incredible. Well, here’s a story that truly fits the bill.

Marina Nemat was a feisty high school student in Tehran, Iran, in the aftermath of the Ayatollah’s revolution. For a bit of school-girl resistance against the overbearing religious authorities who had taken over her school, she was arrested and thrown into the notorious Evin Prison at age 16. Soon sentenced to death, Marina was saved from execution at the very last second by a Revolutionary Guardsman who had fallen in love with her. Eventually, she married her captor only to have him killed in front of her by a rival radical faction. After that Marina was able to return to her family. She eventually rekindled a relationship with her childhood sweetheart, and they later married and then were allowed to emigrate. So Marina moved to Canada and lived there quietly until, in an effort to understand her life, she began to write of her early, hard-to-believe experiences behind bars.

Marina tells her riveting story in a memoir called Prisoner of Tehran. It’s available in paperback and it's quite a read. We recommend it.


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