Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Select Editions editors' New Year's resolutions

—Laura -- I resolve to find a knock-out true-life saga or memoir to showcase in Select Editions in 2008.

—Tom -- I promise to read at least three of the classic FREDDY THE PIG series stories, by Walter L. Brooks, to my kids.

—Jim -- I resolve to either catch up on all the TV shows I've been recording and not watching, or else erase them.

—Amy -- I resolve to return my library books on time. And before the dog chews them.

—Joe -- I resolve to finish a book before starting next one. Don't expect to keep it strictly, because I like having a semblance of choice, but must cut down on the towering piles of the half-finished books.

—Barbara -- I promise to read the books on my nightstand reading pile—or at least the one on the top:A Sportsman's Notebook by Ivan Turgenev (the Everyman's Library edition).

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