Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Five a year isn't bad

The New York Times recently reported that Select Editions favorite James Patterson, either alone or with one of his stable of co-authors, hit the bestseller lists with five different books in 2007. Five different books! They don't tell us whether or not this is a record, but it has to be close. The man is a veritable plot machine, and more importantly, he's a successful veritable plot machine. I'd like to say he should figure out what he's doing right and bottle it and sell it, but that seems to be exactly what he's doing.

In fact, Patterson's writing books faster than a lot of people can read them, but he does have a stable of collaborators (see the AfterWords essay on page 429 of the current volume about this), which does explain it a little bit. Best of all, he's unpredictable. Oh, sure, he has his genre series that fans love, but every now and then he writes something completely unusual. We just read the manuscript of one of those completely unusual titles called Sundays at Tiffany's. That's all we'll say about it for now, since it won't come out for a while. But I will add that I doubt if we'll lose any money if we bet on it being another bestseller.


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