Tuesday, February 5, 2008

James Patterson, film critic

I just noticed that on James Patterson’s (incredibly deep) Web site, there’s a page where he posts his movie picks —his opinions on current films. One day, for example, he briefly reviewed August Rush and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, neither of which I've had the pleasure of seeing. His assessments, like his books, are no-nonsense and get right to the point.

Then I looked at his movie-picks archive—wow! This man watches a lot of movies!! I scrolled through the titles, looking for movies I had seen as well . . . and I’m embarrassed to admit that there were only a couple.

Patterson didn’t like Dreamgirls . . . “I just don’t care for the music,” he said. Sorry, Mr. Patterson: I loved Dreamgirls—the lush visuals, the excellent acting, and of course the gorgeous music. But we agree on Capote: “Philip Seymour Hoffman is stunningly good in the title role,” he says. Amen.

It makes me admire Patterson all the more for taking the time to keep up with the wealth of excellent films—some of them unheralded—that come out every month. Good for you, Mr. Patterson!


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