Monday, March 24, 2008

Fountain of youth?

Is it just us here at Select Editions, or does anyone else out there think Andrew Gross, author of The Blue Zone (in SE volume 296), looks considerably younger than his years? Gross was born in 1952, which makes him 55 or 56 at the time of this writing. But his author photo—the one on the book jacket (above left)—has set the female (ahem) members of our editorial staff all atwitter. I, for one, wouldn’t peg him for a day over forty. What’s his secret to looking so young?

Lest cynical readers think that Gross simply submitted an old photograph to his publisher—one that shows him at a younger age—I can vouch for the official one’s relative accuracy: other photos taken of the author around the time of The Blue Zone’s publication (above right) show him looking equally youthful.

If he could bottle and sell his secret as a potion, he’d make more than he makes from all his best-selling books combined, that’s for sure. And that would only be from sales to the female members of the SE editorial department . . .


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