Monday, May 19, 2008

Does anyone else like book violence and loathe screen violence?

I love Joe Pike in The Watchman. He's cool. He's tough. He's really scary, and yes he's a killer. Sometimes he's even a cold-hearted killer, although usually he's got a good reason for offing someone. Whenever he dons his sunglasses (which kind of reminds me of his author Robert Crais, left), puts together his Very Big Gun (I don't remember what kind of gun, but I know it's big and I know Joe cleans it a lot), and goes to take care of some shady business, I'm all for it. Clear out the riff-raff Joe! Cover Elvis Cole! Save the girl! Get rid of the dirtbags!

But if I love Joe Pike, guns and all, why do I loathe tough-guy action movies? I hate them. I hate them even if they are good, dramatically speaking. The heroes are not cool and tough, they are ruthless and mean. I can't watch their dastardly deeds. I cover my eyes and peek through my fingers. Or mostly I just don't go to those movies. I am well aware that they are as fictional as, yes, fiction (ketchup and all) yet I still can't watch violence. But reading about it doesn't bother me. Do other people feel this way?


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