Monday, June 2, 2008

Things I want to know about Joe Pike

The Watchman delves more deeply into Joe Pike's character than any other ELvis Cole/Joe Pike novel Robert Crais has written. Yet, I want more! I have so many questions. Honestly, doesn't Pike smile more than a twitch EVER? He must. Do his teeth ever show? And how does he see in the dark with the sunglasses? Does he have special lenses that let in more light or something? I like that he wears them all the time, but the reality factor is distracting me a little.

I would like to see Joe Pike in a book with a kid. How would he behave? Would the kid soften him up (relatively speaking)? Or would the kid stir up past memories that Pike could not handle. We know Joe's dad was a monster, but what abou his mom? And does Pike read books? If so, what kind. Maybe he could have a long lost relative, a sister separated at birth (Princess Leia style) many questions.

Where did he grow up? What part of the country is he from? Has he ever worn a tie? Why did he pick red for his Jeep Cherokee when red is a bright color, and Pike says he is trying to be invisible. I guess I'll have to wait for the sequel...


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Anonymous said...

Actually, Indigo Slam has Joe around kids to some extent and those interactions are very funny. And some of your other questions are at least addressed, if not resolved, in L.A. Requiem: he reads anything he can get his hands on (novels, history, the Japanese poet Bashō, philosopher Nietzsche, etc.) / his mother was apparently not very "bright" and would bait his father verbally despite knowing what would happen to both her and Joe / he wore not just a tie but a suit & tie for the funeral in that book / though exact location not given we know he was a country boy who lived at the far edge of a small town with not much but woods, a creek and deer around.