Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No health secrets for POTUS

After reading The First Patient, one realizes how much of a production the medical care of the president can be. In addition, medical privacy doesn't really exist for POTUS, so if you're squeamish about the public knowing intimate details of your health history, don't run for president. Granted, the public has an interest in the president's health, but really, must we know about every hemorrhoid, mole removal, gastric upset? Apparently so. Details of each president's annual physical are released to the public—and these aren't your 10-minute quickie exams either. President Clinton's physical on January 12, 2001, for example, took 3 hours to complete. We learn that Clinton had elevated cholesterol (233), and was started on medicine to lower his cholesterol. In addition, doctors decided to simplify his medication regimen for his gastro-intestinal reflux disease (who knew?) because he was about to leave office, and would be in charge of taking his own medications. President George H.W. Bush had a sebaceous cyst (whatever that is) on the third finger of his right hand drained at his May 10, 1989 physical. Otherwise, he was in excellent health. And there's plenty more! If you like these medical tidbits about POTUS, you can visit www.doctorzebra.com and read about "the coughs, cancers and cures of the presidents."



EvE' Bond said...

Just as I got started and it was getting interesting, my book skipped from page 168 to page 193.

Anyone else have this problem?
Can someone advise how to obtain the missing pages?

Select Editions said...


Please write ann_belluscio@rd.com with your email and home address and we can help straighten this out.


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