Friday, September 24, 2010

Connecting Robert Bloch to H.P. Lovecraft

The young Bloch (eventually to become most famously the author of Psycho), was mentored by the elder Lovecraft. 'One of the stories Bloch wrote while Lovecraft was alive featured Lovecraft as a character, killed by a monster. Weird Tales required Bloch to get the victim's permission before publishing the story, and Lovecraft authorized Bloch “to portray, murder, annihilate, disintegrate, transfigure, metamorphose, or otherwise manhandle the undersigned in the tale entitled THE SHAMBLER FROM THE STARS.”' More...

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CthulhuWho1 said...

If you'd like to actually hear Robert Bloch speaking about his relationship with H. P. Lovecraft, take a look at the very recent article entitled, "Robert Bloch Speaks of Lovecraft and More from the Grave" on the CthulhuWho1 blog at There are also more Robert Bloch audio files and documents there, plus links to related photos and scans on Flickr.

Will Hart
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