Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"I love a piano"

So wrote Irving Berlin. I agree with him. One of the most interesting experiences I've had is purchasing a piano, when you go from box to box banging on them until one of them jumps out from the rest. So I was taken by this article about Juilliard moving away from its all-Steinway position. (When you bang on a Steinway, by the way, it bangs back.) 'The Juilliard School, long an all-Steinway institution, is breaking with tradition and buying a non-Steinway piano. Paolo Fazioli, the Italian piano maker, will be in New York later this week to complete the deal with Juilliard, after the performing-arts school agreed to purchase one of his pricey, handmade – and coveted – pianos. “I’m very happy,” said Fazioli from his home in Sacile, north of Venice, late Monday – adding that he was trying to be cautious until the historic deal was finalized.' More...(Via)

If you have the money to spare, you might want to buy one for yourself. Any pianist will drool over the Fazioli website.

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