Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another meditation on e-books publishes an article by illustrated book publisher Mark Batty on the future of e-books. Given that Sony has just announced their updated machine, we consider this article both timely and smart. In essence, Batty tells us not to throw our printing presses away just yet.

MB: There is no doubt that the Kindle, and its competitors, have caused a minor revolution in consumer access, purchase, distribution and how books are read. But e-books still represent a very small, though growing, portion of all the books out there. (Sales may grow this year to 1% of the total.) That e-books are so small is not surprising. Books on paper have been sold for 550 years. That's a long time to grow, even in the most sluggish categories, and it's a long time to get the product right and consumers comfortable with it... More.

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