Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When do you find time to read?

This article from Booksquare focuses nicely on a big issue. The biggest competition for our book-reading time is not other reading, but life in general. And sometimes one wonders if publishers are doing the right things in making it easy for those of us who want to read books to actually do it. The world is changing. Are publishers on board with the changes?

Booksquare: The competition for books isn’t necessarily other books as much as everything else in life. Given all the demands readers face, I am amused by publishing people who insist on “preserving the value” of what they publish. I’d be more sympathetic to this argument if publishers could make it less patently obvious that “value” often means “supporting our pricey, risky business decisions”, such as paying million dollar advances for books about cats…More.

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