Monday, August 17, 2009

Wikipedia facts

I have a night job coaching a high school debate team. For us, a couple of years ago Wikipedia was a suspect source of dubious information. Today, it is anything but, and the old-fashioned print encyclopedias have had their day. The Brave New World blog posts an appreciation.

BNW: In 8 years the people’s encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, has changed collective reference and how we collaboratively edit and manage complex works such as encyclopaedias. Gone are the large sets of tomes bought by parents in the hope that their children may benefit. Now Wikipedia is one click away, free and with over 10 million registered members, 17 million pages, a network of over 13 million articles in hundreds of different languages, it truly is the people’s reference work... More.

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PJ Wexler said...


Your posting of this blog, Jim, reminds me of the old story about what the sentencing judge said to Al Packer, the cannibal, on there having "been only been six Democrats in the entire country and you, you no-good 'SOB' have eaten five of them." I only had six minutes of free time left in my day and now you have gone and eaten five of them.

I mean that in a GOOD way of course.