Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Bonnet books"

Romances are popular. We know that. And here's a new sub-genre of clean and very special tales within that genre, described by the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ: Rachel Esh, owner of an Amish dry-goods store here, was giddy as customers kept arriving. Cars spilled out of the dirt parking lot onto the hay and potato fields, crushing a few of her neighbor's potatoes. She ushered the crowd of 40 people swarming in front of her cash register into a line that snaked out the door of Rachel's Country Store. The cause of the commotion: novelist Cindy Woodsmall, who had stopped by to autograph books. The plot of 'When the Heart Cries,' revolves around Hannah, a young Amish woman who falls in love with a Mennonite and hides her plans to marry him from her strict parents. The lovers kiss a couple of times in 326 pages. Ms. Woodsmall writes "bonnet books," or Amish love stories, which are a booming new subcategory of the romance genre... More.

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