Monday, September 14, 2009

Q&A with Diana Gabaldon

The ever-reliable Powells has a fun piece to mark publication of Gabaldon's latest.

DG: There are people like the woman who stood in line for four hours in order to be first in line at a booksigning — for the express purpose of whipping off her shoe and sock in order to show me the tattoo of the running-stag brooch (from the cover of one of my books) she'd had done on top of her foot. [ow!] She then presented me with a photograph of said foot — why, I couldn't tell you. Perhaps so I could prove it to people when telling them this story... More.


Anonymous said...

I just finished The Prchard and thought it is a fine writing So much on TV and magazines refer to subjects left to ones privace thoughts It was a pleasure reading.

also look at wqhat can learn from a book as this. Who knew what it takes to flavor our food and drink?

I hope to find this book in a store to give a teacher who is retiring after more than 30 years at the same school I'm sure whe will enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Just finished Lethal by Sandra Brown. Really good read. I have one wish about the ending - if he could have just seen them walk through the door. I would have been more satisfied.