Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dan Brown

This isn't a link to somewhere else, just a simple observation. We have seen a number of reviews now of Brown's new blockbuster, The Lost Symbol, which, I will point out, we will not be using in Select Editions, so we have no business interest in it. The thing is, what makes us happy is that the reviews have been positive. Sometimes it is so easy for people to smugly attack something everybody else likes simply because everybody else likes it. Dan Brown is that kind of target. He doesn't need us to congratulate him on having done a good job—his accountant will do that for him for some time to come—but we'll do it anyhow. We would not want to have written one of the biggest selling novels of all time and then have to follow it up somehow. But Brown has done it, and it seems that he has done it well. Kudos.

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