Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kid-friendly computers

Speaking of kid-safe stuff, we just saw this announcement on Amazon: "ASUS to Release a Disney Themed Netbook." We sort of like those little netbook computers, which do most of what most people need from a computer, especially what most kids might need. This one apparently comes loaded with kid-friendly (and parent-friendly) controls. It could be the beginning of a trend.

Amazon: In case there is anyone out there who isn't yet aware, kiddies today love them some technology. By kiddies, I don't mean you and me, but instead the Hannah Montana crowd. Of course, they also love Play-Doh too, but there is no way--at least I hope there's not--that any parent is going to pay $350 for that, so hence we shall soon have the Disney Netpal. More...

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