Monday, June 22, 2009

The Kindle, again

I probably should apologize for putting up a lot of articles on e-books and their relevant equipment, but the subject just keeps coming up. No matter how you slice it, people are reading, or at least sooner or later going to read, in previously unorthodox ways. And the Kindle is the leader today in its way. How can you avoid it? Joe Wikert talks to some of the benefits, and a few things that could be benefits.

JW: "The innovation of the Kindle was not to improve e-reading—many earlier e-readers offered a very similar reading experience—but to dramatically alter the purchasing experience through its wireless capability."
So true and yet so easily forgotten. The Kindle could have simply become Newton 2.0 without this important feature. Customers come for the eInk display but Whispernet is what keeps 'em coming back. (It still blows my mind that no other Kindle competitor has figured this out...) More...

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