Monday, July 13, 2009

Ousted from the literary canon

This is fun.

The Second Pass website has decided to throw a few famous books by a few famous writers out of the canon of accepted classics. We're glad of one of them, at least. We've always felt that A Tale of Two Cities is the worst of the Dickens novels, and the least representative (and, unfortunately, the one they always make kids read in high school).

TSP: Below is a list of ten books that will be pressed into your hands by ardent fans. Resist these people. Life may not be too short (I’m only in my mid-30s, and already pretty bored), but it’s not endless. More...

The L.A. Times, however, takes issue with the exclusion of Jack Kerouac's On the Road.

LAT: I would argue that whatever cultural hallmarks it might signal, the book is a work of literature, one with an intensity of vision and a language of impure steamroller incendiary jazz. More...

We say draw your own conclusions.

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