Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cars 2 from the automotive perspective

It's one thing to talk about Pixar and John Lasseter from the point of view of movies or entertainment. But AutoBlog, a car industry site, looks directly at the hardware. I love how whenever they mention someone's name, they tell you what that person has in the family garage. Lasseter's garage? Mercedes-Benz SL55, 1952 Jaguar XK120, 1964 Messerschmidt. (There was a 1964 Messerschmidt?) Their view of the upcoming movie is unique, and fun. 'The level of detail isn't just limited to the character's exteriors. Pixar's sound designers were adamant about getting the noises just right, recording not just engine sounds, but the clicking of starters to include before the characters motored away. Getting proper emotions also proved to be difficult, with Bernoulli's character in need of a new front suspension that allowed him to gesture in the most stereotypical Italian fashion. "The normal pushrod design just wouldn't work," according to Shuster, so he developed a telescoping control arm that allowed Bernoulli to emote with the kind of passion and fervor you'd expect from an Italian racing champion.' More...

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