Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Library of the Future

Now that Amazon has announced that the Kindle will do libraries, one wonders exactly what the library of the future will look like. “The future library will be located in a spaceship. The spaceship will have blue tables and purple chairs.” Or so says one kid, quoted in an article from The Literary Platform. The article has a number of links to more serious suggestions of where we're going. It is our tax dollars, one way or the other, after all. We should all be concerned about it. '“This topic is particularly relevant these days, with ebook controversy and the talk of libraries becoming ‘obsolete’ and having our budgets slashed to oblivion despite the fact that our usage is steadily increasing.” In contrast to the often bandied about view that librarians are old fashioned, [New York librarian Rita Meade] says most librarians she knows embrace change and look to improve library services through technology advancement and listening to readers’ feedback.' More...

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