Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The romance of writing at the coffee shop

You can envision writers like Hemingway and Fitzgerald plugging away at their quiet tables in the backs of Parisian cafes. That's what writers used to do, at least the ones who embraced the romance of writing. If you've been to a coffee shop lately, you might think that this phenomenon is more popular than ever. And you'd probably be right. 'Screenwriter and columnist Rob Long... described the awful feeling that sometimes accompanies being at your desk with a discrete task to finish. It's plausible that you might be sitting there for many hours - even all day, and if you can't finish the script or the column that's due, perhaps all night too. And that's existentially terrible! Whereas at a coffee shop, it's accustomed to spend just a couple of hours, and at worst you'll be kicked out at closing time. That isn't so bad.' More...

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