Saturday, April 30, 2011

The end of cursive writing

If I remember correctly, they started teaching us cursive writing in third grade. I was never particularly good at it, and managed to get my lowest grade in handwriting year after year. But at least what I scratched out, however unrecognizable its content, was nonetheless recognizable as mine. But these kids nowadays! Not only do you want to get them off your lawn, but if you put up a sign telling them to stay away, you'll have to print it if you actually want them to be able to read it. 'Might people who write only by printing — in block letters, or perhaps with a sloppy, squiggly signature — be more at risk for forgery? Is the development of a fine motor skill thwarted by an aversion to cursive handwriting? And what happens when young people who are not familiar with cursive have to read historical documents like the Constitution?' More...

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