Friday, April 29, 2011

Classic film scores of Bernard Herrmann

Citizen Kane, Taxi Driver, The Day the Earth Stood Still—all classic films, all scored by the legendary Bernard Herrman. His daughter was interviewed recently, and gave a little background on that most haunting of scores, the one from Psycho. 'When he saw the completed movie, Hitchcock didn’t like it and he wanted to cut it down to an hour and show it on television. My father persuaded him — he said, “Let me see if music can help it along.” Hitchcock said to him, “Write some music, but whatever you do, don’t write any music for the shower sequences.” Of course, my father disobeyed his wishes. Hitchcock went on vacation and when he came back, he saw what the effect added to that scene; he really felt that it added a great deal. So my father reminded him that he didn’t want any music and Hitchcock said to him, “Improper suggestion, my dear boy. Improper suggestion.” ' More...

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