Friday, April 22, 2011

Kidzania - An amusement park for kids who want to work

I'm willing to go out on a limb here and state that I find this a little weird. When I stumbled on a reference to Kidzania, describing it as some sort of capitalist amusement park for the pre-adolescent set, I had to click my way through. It's true. Apparently it's quite popular around the world, and it's coming to the US in 2013. 'Kidzania is a unique family entertainment center. It’s a child-sized replica of a real city, with buildings, shops and theaters, as well as vehicles and pedestrians moving along its streets... Once they are in, kids have five hours to try as many occupations as they like. Each experience usually lasts about 30 minutes. The jobs and workplaces they can experience include firefighting, police, courtroom, airline cabin staff and pilots, pizza and fast-food joints, hospital, dentist, beautician, bank, electric power company, rent-a-car, car mechanic, driving license center, cooking school, business school, research lab, bottling plant, fashion and retail stores, TV and radio, newspaper, gas station, parcel delivery, photography and many more.' More...

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