Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jeffery Deaver = Ian Fleming?

We've known for a while that Jeffery Deaver is taking over writing the James Bond franchise. His first novel continuing Fleming's series will be entitled Carte Blanche, which sounds very much like the title of a James Bond novel. Deaver is far from a casual choice to take up Fleming's mantle, and an interview with him on the HMSS Weblog (the blog of the James Bond webzine Her Majesty's Secret Service), shows how deep he is into the Bond material:

"I will say one thing: I am extremely aware of the responsibility of creating a character who echoes in the time of his creation. He was as you know, and as readers of the books know, unique in thriller fiction. Especially when he came about, we had never seen anyone like that before. Of course, suave and sophisticated, and yet a bit existential. He said, and this is not an exact quote, that he lived life to the fullest because he expected to be dead by the mandatory retirement age from the SIS, which was in the 40′s. 45 I think. So I am creating a character that has those elements that Ian Fleming created, and yet I am bringing them into a story of my own."

Read The HMSS Interview: Jeffery Deaver.

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