Friday, May 6, 2011

Letters of Note

This is a plug for a whole website, Letters of Note. What the editor, Shaun Usher, does, is find real letters by famous people that are worth sharing, and posts them in his blog, often with images of the original. These are great fun to browse. For instance...

"Dear Mother,

As Easter rolls around each year, I think of how you have helped me face all the many hardships in my life. I only wish I could put on paper how much I appreciate the help and love you have given me through my life.

Love, Jim"

That's Jim as in the late Jim Morrison. Even Mr. Mojo Risin had a mother, I guess.

There's plenty more where this came from, like the letter from fourteen-year-old Stephen King that we noted recently, where he submits a story to a magazine and, coincidentally, explains how his favorite section of the magazine is the obituaries.

Check it out.

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