Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh brave new world—Not!

One of the firm beliefs futurists share is that the electronic book will replace most printed books. Futurists are especially convinced that while collectors and fussy types will continue to deal with dead trees, the students of the future will be decidedly of the ebook persuasion. Electronic textbooks replacing paper textbooks will be the first big step of the revolution! Then again, according to researchers at the University of Washington, maybe not.

Brier Dudley of The Seattle Times reports:
"Seven months into the study, more than 60 percent of the students had stopped using their Kindle regularly for academic reading -- and these were computer science students, who are presumably more sympathetic to an electronic book. Although the device has note-taking capabilities, some students still tucked paper into the Kindle case to write notes and others would read near a computer that they could use for reference and other tasks that weren't easy on the device."

See the full story at Kindle so-so for students, UW study concludes

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