Monday, May 16, 2011

So you want to be a rock and roll star...

Well, then, "take some time and learn how to play." Nowadays it seems like there's all sorts of tools that allow anyone to set up a studio in the basement and create a perfect recording. I'm crazy about GarageBand on my iPad, which allows me to strum a whole bunch of virtual guitars as if I really know how to strum an actual guitar. Which I don't, which means that when push comes to shove, my future earnings as a rock star, regardless of how great my GarageBand recordings are, may not be all that much.

Dan Charness of the Atlantic explains: "So much time is spent discussing how the music industry is changing that it's easy to forget that there is one aspect of the business that has not changed and likely never will: the importance of the live performance. The quality of an artist's live performance has remained the one constant benchmark for success, the standard that levels the playing field for all up-and-coming artists. Scour the history of popular music and you will find that few artists have achieved notable commercial success without the ability to showcase their talents in a live performance that thousands of people would pay good money to see. And no home studio is going to change that anytime soon."

Check out Why GarageBand Can't Make You a Rock Star.

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