Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SF awards

Do you ever get tired of all the movie awards and movie award shows that come at the turn of every year? This last time around I got the feeling that I spent more time watching who was wearing what winning whatever than I did actually watching any of the movies. By the time the Oscars came around, I barely made it through the march down the red carpet. Now it seems that Science Fiction is going the way of Hollywood, with Shirley Jackson Awards, Hugos, Philip K. Dick Awards and Arthur C. Clarke Awards to name just a few.

In his article on Omnivoracious, author Jeff VanderMeer discusses both the books and the awards themselves:

"In addition to representing different foci and constituencies, all of these awards have their quirks and foibles. The fairly new Jackson Awards does a good job of ignoring literary/genre boundaries and its novel nominees often constitute a Required Reading List for dark fantasy/horror...The Hugo Awards continue to lurch along as a kind-of SF combo of the People’s Choice Awards and the Oscars, albeit not as well-known. Although considered a readers’ award, the Hugo’s actually tend to be voted on by a combination of readers, industry professionals (writers, editors, publishers), and booksellers who buy memberships to the World SF Convention—and not very many of them at that."

Read the full story: Notes from the Current Silly Season: What's Your Favorite SF/Fantasy Award, And Why?

Source: Omnivoracious

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