Monday, May 23, 2011

Star Tours, Episode Two

If you're a part of the Disneysphere on the internet, or part of the Star Wars universe, you are well aware of where these two intersect, at the Star Tours ride at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The fans have been holding their breath for months waiting for the update. For everyone else, you've probably heard mumblings about it off in the corner. Whereas the old ride, built in 1987 (yeah, it's that old), had one trip, the new ride mixes and matches possibilities, so you never know where you'll end up. Early fan response has been strong (except, I gather, when riders run into Jar Jar Binks).

Anthony Daniels, the host for the ride in his role as 3-CPO, explains in the L.A. Times:

"It is beyond inventive,” Daniels said. “You’re going to much love it, and you’re going to much love it 54 times. You may never see all of it. It’s completely random. So you may see the same thing three times or you may have three different [ride sequences]. So there’s this extraordinary sort of slot machine effect, isn’t there? You don’t know what’s going to come up in the rows in those windows. It could be triple cherry. Each ride is gorgeous within in its own light. You will go back more than once.”

There's a great slide show, and good background, in Star Tours: Disneyland brings the Force.

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