Thursday, May 19, 2011

Most powerful celebrities

This will no doubt be all over the internet by the time you read this, but how can you see a list like this and not have thoughts about it? If you click on any of the names on the list, you get more information. It seems that Forbes believes that social reach is more important than money—an arguable premise—which explains why Lady Gaga is #1, but her $90 million salary pales against #2 Oprah (who is also on the billionaire list). Justin Bieber comes in #3, making a meager $53 million a year but, of course, an internet/YouTube star so a high ranker in social. The only top ten person who surprised me was Bon Jovi, #4 in money rank: the eighties must have come back, and I missed it. The first novelist on the list is James Patterson, all the way down at #37, but #10 in money rank. (Not on the billionaire list, though. Yet.)

The World's Most Powerful Celebrities

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