Friday, April 1, 2011

Books into movies

This is a classic subject, the comparison of what happens to a book when it's turned into a movie. In general, the results seem to be either unsatisfactory or totally different. Jonathan Coe's essay on the subject may be long, but its detail makes it very interesting. 'The question Truffaut specifically put to [Hitchcock] was whether he would ever consider making a screen adaptation of a great novel such as Crime and Punishment. To which the director answered: "Well, I shall never do that, precisely because Crime and Punishment is somebody else's achievement. And even if I did, it probably wouldn't be any good." "Why not?" Truffaut asked. "Well, in Dostoevsky's novel there are many, many words and all of them have a function." "You mean that theoretically," Truffaut prompted, "a masterpiece is something that has already found its perfection of form, its definitive form." "Exactly," Hitchcock answered.' More...

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